Friday, April 2, 2010

Full Morning

Our cable ph**led up yesterday, I was not a happy camper evening last. Only thing working on it was our telephone. TV reception was all ph**led up. Cab you tell I was pi**ed?
Want to get hard at finishing disc repair this morning. I want it fixed so’s it can go a-field. I want the fields worked up, for an early sudex planting, for an earlier maturing, for an earlier harvest, for an earlier working up the fields again, for a timely August alfalfa planting. We can do this if maybe FOR I do serious some pushing.
I shall start my day waiting for a cable repair man’s arrival, phone call. I want the double jeopardied opportunity to complain again. (hehe)
Another think I want to do is clean the miniature lens on/in my “E” camera. Yesterday’s pictures come out full of spots. Argh!
Having to check yet my hats stretched over conglomeration of ice-cream bucket bottoms, all hanging over the porch deck posts, some time today. Have got to disappointedly record it for pi**prosperity, the hats didn’t even come out pink even after all the simmering my kooking pot ingredients; three hats and three cans puréed beets. Didn’t taste bad although it could have used some seasoning. My second dish not to come out within a week. Maybe I need a crash course enrollment in a kooking school.
Damn! I swore I was doing my income tax months ago. How time has flown. I’ve less than two weeks to finish up my tax paperwork for an early April 14th mailing. (frown)
Right turn out the drive I picked up Barry. Together we took on finishing up the disc as if it were a vengeance. We did it with the help of ten carriage bolts from the Crossroads’ hardware. The project finished late morning we fussed around the shop for an hour and a half to lunch at about 1:00 PM.
After lunch the Cushman come out hearing I was going to make checks and make fix the fences in various places. We tightened up one east of the barn what wasn’t quite touching the earth. Next taking out the chainsaw I commenced to cut down a three piece box elder tree the west side the old chicken house. Good thing I had Barry with me, when I cut the tree off it come straight down which could have been a real fix if it weren’t for Barry lifting it off me. Learning a hard lesson on an improper approach to tree cutting The next two tree parts came down cleanly without me under them. The trees grown maybe sixteen/eighteen feet into the air and roughly 3”/3½” trunks They weren’t all that dangerous to me nor us, just overly limbed typically for a box elder tree, making them doubly more an nuisance. Gangly trees overly spiked (or suckered) grow fast rot their hearts out and snap off crushing everything they can reach when they lived fifty years or less.
The ladies snaking alone the western barnyard fence they hadn’t noticed the middle wire missing. So as we were about to string and new 14ga. wire in place of the original 17ga. Approaching one problem we found another. The wire gate was open. That was found to have had a defective gate handle as well as the latch it was meant to engage was broken. Everything presumably fixed I turned all the fences back on. Two things sure The gate open and down it were a wonder the ladies hadn’t walked out for a stroll around the neighborhood. The other thing, that tree removed that had grown around my fence wire now gone has given my fences new spark. They’re going to have an influential nasty bite for a while. Oh yeah and a third benefit with the 17ga wire replaced with the 14ga wire this year’s calves are going to bounce back this calving season.
Something’s accomplished today it were time for some R’n’R I took Barry for a ride around the place. While Barry looked for wildlife I was watching for windfalls and other aggravations needing taken care of before this year’s haying season gets underway. Did make one stop throwing a bunch of dead maple limbs up into an established wood pile already under that tree. This tree’s so large it could likely heat three homes for a winter.
The JCB not yet taken apart for a broken bolt in the engine block I had to feed my ladies before feeding those down the road tonight with the traveled JD. If necessary we’ll do it the other way around tomorrow night.
This covering most my day I was more than glad to get in some before dark. It was about that time I had finished cutting that box elder down making it ready for hauling away, I felt as though I had hit that invisibly mental and physical wall. It’s going to be a valium night tonight. They weren’t limb distorting cramps. They were body and limp shaking muscle spasms. So bad, it took me a while to eat my supper. I’ve got to find something easier to do for tomorrow. BGKC.

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