Saturday, April 17, 2010

Witching Ways

Waking this morning wrapped in my blanky the house chilly I did not want to get up. I was comfortably wrapped in my cocoon; but, alas somebody had to be the first to stir. Attentive to the cold heart beast in the living room I carefully laid all my selected pieces for a house warming fire, set a match to it, and recovering in my blanky I parked my carcass in my favorite chair and waited and waited and waited. What was this? The wood to cold to burn. Impossible for wood what had been inside this house some before all the winter long and then some.
Her Mostess upon rising paddied right past the cold cold-beast enclosing her goose bumps with another handy bed spread sized wrap joining me in my fruitless visual. My waiting out the witch, yes witch, her being my White Witched Mother’s faithful apprentice learning all my mother had to teach her in ways of handling my mother’s son, she got up first. Passing the cold beast she looked in. seeing only a spark or two she added more waist paper and tinder to the cold wood already laid earlier before moving on. Upon her returning carrying rolls she had said were mine, she saw and bragged about what she had decided to take credit for a flickering flame before rewrapping herself settling in to continue waiting the warmth to dress by.
Some time passing, my taken care of a pressing nature’s demand. In passing I saw nary a flicker within the iron vessel what just what might qualify it as scrap iron. My water hauled, coffee poured and delivered to my seating station, I returned to the supposed woodstove. Looking inside I saw but what could be described a red glow deep down under given off some renegade bark on a split wood chunk. I stuffed more red allover reading mater under the cribbed piled wood pieces plus more tinder, wood chips from the bottom of the kindling bucket. Done with all I could for this fourth moment I returned to my resting place for the continued awaiting some serious warmth. Bah Humbug! It’s a right nuisance building now and then house warming fires these rainy month day’s, only drier this year.
The preceding written this morning, the following’s written this day’s evening.
It was a day to catch up on a number of things. Primarily I was supposed to bury the three calves lost and clean and stockpile he manure for composting.
I picked up a bag of lime. Went to pick up Barry and had a second breakfast. For got to check with R.D. my use the gravity box/wagon in his yard. Going about our way the Ollie on the spreader refused to start. And the cowboys had parked near 200’. Ugly not cutting it jump starting the cold Ollie, I had us run out a couple hundred feet of power cord. Plugged into th end of it the chosen lighter weight battery charger I hooked to the Ollie’s batteries. The day near destroyed we were about to take on leveling the grass over my septic tank; when, it came to us we’ve been needing to mix and deliver salt to near the water fountains. Three assorted bags of three salts mixed we commenced to putting them out. The salt feeder for little girls destroyed a while back we got them out a big cows salt feed, just as if they were all grown up. (smile)
That task at lo……ng last taken care of I wondered if the Ollie’d start. Climbing aboard did it ever. So, Barry and I commenced to start cleaning up some the ladies feed lot. One load going out, I had dumbly sabotaged it loading it with manure mixed with plenty of twine. Opps, I knew I shouldn’t have done it to late. Another healthy loader full the same twine laced manure to get rid of I took it with the loader under it all the way out to the compost pile. Out there the manure spreader had broken something. What manure the spreader had managed to spit out had hung the back of the spread liking an exhausted dogs panting tongue. With the help of the loader clam shelling opening and closing I managed to remove some of my mistake not only off the back but also lifted some out of te spreader’s body.
The beaters cleaned the hands in way we got’em cleaned. Trying to unload the spreader it had in it a stripped splined collar and shaft end, a long time rusting away. Why I wasn’t totally responsible for its failure, why did it have to happen the day was using it?
All these tasks sounding like little time was spent upon each one, they still took time, plus all the other little accomplishments along the way made for us a full day. Another body and mind tiring day. My day ended I don’t remember what supper was called but it was good. Time already to turn in, BGKC.

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