Monday, April 5, 2010

Written for Sunday’s Easter

4-5-2010 Four day weekend
At least in Michigan it was a four day weekend. Any day anybody can either not pay or earn a days pay in Michigan has become a new mainstay to Michigan’s economy. For anyone working in the tourist industry, I can hear it now, “Continue to smile even if you’re not paid for it.”
Yup I had never expected an Easter four day weekend. I can remember it being debatable during, my parent’s time, there was talk about how more saintly all peoples would be if they didn’t work Good Friday. What this country needs to truly establish shorter work weeks we need a few more three and four day weekend Holidays. Our work week holidays aren’t yet near as bad as the great state of India where they’ve a minimum 365 recognized holidays. To say moneys manufactures; nope, I’ve got that wrong; employers need not but pay for one work day per week. The rest of the week’s days these working peoples will work for nothing just for their job security.
At last my getting to the impotent part of Shorthorn country! Still no new calves out in my back yard. Cheese’n’Crackers, these ladies holding their young’s back they’ll be old enough to vote by the time those grown babies get here.
Only heavy thing I did all day. Nope, excuse me, two heavy things I did all day. One, I had my load lightened with a homemade hair cut. Gosh all mighty, she needn’t have said, “You’ve lost a lot of hair.” Lawd, that’s what happens when the shower stall screen over the drain becomes lost. Unsaved, my hair’s going right down the drain. Secondly, Taking the neighbor kid with me I drove all the way to the very first electric fence post and check the electrix fence’s voltage strength. Ha! Somebody else had fixed the fences after the winds had eased on down.
Our house hold blessed, we were invited our for Easter dinner. And, who was asked to say Grace? The agnostic, ME! There’s no getting away from the big guy as popular as he is. I thank the Same Lord every body presumes to exist for his blessings over good family and friends gathered together in harmony over the food we were about to receive. No better than the cooking’s been in our unpracticed household I had even included, in my own mind’s extra, “over all this good food.” The families inviting Frieda and I in, each and every one of them, excelled their contributions to the menu. Leftover’s, some the extra leftovers’ were even sent home with us. Seems we can’t even get away from leftovers having even invited out to eat. I’m still gonna eat well today.

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