Monday, April 19, 2010

The Getting Readies

The tires unchecked on toped off wagon’s improved yesterday I took it with this AM. Checking the tires one of them is an out and out problem requiring replacement. There aught to be a good replacement around her somewhere. Well, at least it isn’t a driver. And having to pickup supplements I got a weigh slip on it. Two wagons both of them almost ready to go.
The same old grind went smoothly today. No comedy of errors liking last time twice hauling, twice setting up the grinding procedures. Oh yeah, as to quote one of youngster from long ago. “It was more better” this time.
Here I am taking time out to size up a brand new bull calf. Get a load of mama making sure I’m not making any changes. “Sides, how’d I ever improve on that?
href="¤t=2010shorthorncountry005-Copy-1.jpg" target="_blank">Photobucket
That went well.
About the time we finished up what had to be done Barry was chirping away and away he wanting to get up in the air on a pallet trimming trees. Hey whoa hold on there. This required some thought. I’ve already done that out of a material bucket and off a shortened pallet. By the time I’d figured it out a scarfted up some 2”x4”’s and pieces plywood when we got to shop we were on way establishing a safer way for some airborne cutting up, and by quitting time we proudly had this thing.
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We’ll see how it works out tomorrow?
Coming back home, I’d had a good day. Frieda insists it was ‘cause I had taken some time for dinner today as compared to missing dinner the last two.
I sat for an hour after taken rattlers, then ate, and for my last act of domesticities I took out the trash. Then o’darn. I had forgotten to grab more of those ugly tire chunks for trash disposal.
Being was a good day for all things done and/or planned, coming home a little less tired for wear I’ll sleep good tonight. BGKC.

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