Friday, April 9, 2010

Today’s plan……..

(Speaking of lollygagging)
Avoiding any lollys…….*
.....I've plenty to give me something to do everywhere on these farms up and down this road. I got all the necessary parts top put the 1816 Case back together and even have the contrary machine in working order when I've finished.

I've got my snowblower on the shop apron to take apart so's to free-up and remove the rotating discharge; so, I may turn it over bottom's replacement fix. This turning over mode also must include a mid turn over hesitation to remove stuck PTO telescoping part of it's workings.

And for kicks: I think I've finally figured out my azzkicker's working problem. I shall wire in two added relays to carry the final drive's juice with the two channel radio remote-control switching switch can’t handle.

Today’s plan…..was.
*Partially copied (my post) material.
Brrr! It was a mighty brisk rush of air caressing my face when I stepped out this morning’s door. Rainfalls for the last three days totaled over three inches deep here, with a sheet of ice laying from side to side, edge to edge, on top the accumulations holding tight that participation from to soon floating away.
Everything I needed to put the Case back together. I spent all day working on that damnable mechanical critter and haven’t got it anywhere starting yet.
I tried the local Crossroads Library for some kind of an electrical schematic or diagram germane to the 1816 Case workings. Only book what might have had info in it was checked out. I found the book I had managed to put together for the 16 HP Tecumseh in the Crapsman. While home-made book of gathered parts, pictures and diagrams are a benefit to the Sears machine, yet not quite near useless for the Case. The Crapsman is points’n’condenser ignition, the same blocked 17 HP Case engine has an electronic ignition. Arrggghhhh!
Crapola! I see myself near taking the whole of the sheet metal what ain’t welded together apart to get to the bottom of the electrical circuits, maybe the problem even?. Then when it’s torn down I do believe I’ll make a schematic for handy use come a needed later date. What was it two or three wires all on the one and only starter terminal? Damnable machine only needing a couple hours fix is taking two days? It’s not even Chinese or Toyota.
I’ve just had a thought. Perhaps if I were to tin all the terminals which, I thought, belong bolted on the starter will make some continuity-able closure for that circuit’s juncture.
The closest I got to the azzkicker, I walked by (past) it twice today

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