Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bit a 3 Catch-up’s
5:30 AM
(1)The harder work at it the behinder I get. First’s first. To answer a call when I want them, it is, “Come boss!” Yelled long on the “come” with a lilt in the middle, “boss” hard on the “b.” Okay the coming is taken care of. Now for the go, I get behind them when need be and I personally yell out “yeah!” heavy on the “ye” and long on the “ah” parts of the encouragement.
(2)Someone I’d given a turkey hunting permission to gave Frieda the bird. The used bird weighed in at 24#’s with a 10” beard. The bird’s tough enough Frieda can’t cut him apart. The bird’s so lean I need to pick up a pound or two of bacon or more to cover the big bird for baking. Playing so late with the Leland I have to go shoplifting very first thing this AM. That is if we’re going to eat on that bird?
(3) While I had written I got the Leland running, evening last, I hadn’t finished putting it back together. When I’ve got it all together……I’ll pick-up and clean-up tools, put away the goods and bag the trash. All this finished I may get back to the same old grind, and likely a short one at that.
Monday’s respelling shelled corn day. The Sixguys’ bunch have already been forewarned.
10:30 AM
Was sprinkling when I came in last night, getting with it a rain lasting all night long right up until I measured an inch of rain fall here. The ladies fed, the Leland final assembly, the tools picked up, I headed for the super market. Don’t know exactly when I’ll get it right. Having put the turkey in the freezer for no room in the frig, my cooking it, it could become a late night supper.
I had figured I’d got grocery store for some turkey baking bacon, to help keep the lean bird from drying out. While there the feed grind I was looking forward to in the rain was called off. Darn, wished I had known that earlier. I’d have changed my cooking routine. I could have started earlier. Arrggghhhhh!
Back home the bird moved from the freezer to a pan of hot water I’m hoping to have my cooking under way before sundown. Regardless, I was on my way to bring the JCB equipped with grappler home for moving and consolidating most of these homemade brush piles into both a burn pile and some wildlife habitat.
12:30 PM
With three brush piles moved I came in and checked out the bird’s thawing process and had lunch. I was back out the door at 1:00 to move more brush.
4:00 PM
The bird vegetable-stuffed plus lots of bacon substituting for the birds selfish lack of his own fat had gone into the oven.
Then I was off and out picking up brush loosing a few singular pieces along the way, I can pick them up on another field drier day. Just wishing I had had the last two trees cut down and readied brush to go. Oh well, If I should get to them I’ll figure out something for clean up. Either dragging them out before limbing out or limbing them and bring the JCB back once more for clean up? I’ll see?
5:00 PM
Returning home after returning the JCB skidsteer, walking into the house it’s surely smelling good. (I’m drooling already)
A bit of time passing, my wondering, I’m asking Frieda, “How much longer does that turkey needs to roast.”
She asks “Why?”
“Uh? Do you think I’ve put enough onions in that bird?”
“Why?” she asked again, with a one tracked commenting mind, adding, “Your eyes burning?”
“If they ain’t, they’s sure watering for no reason.” I admitted, “Do you suppose I might take the lid off and check it, or wait out my guesstimated roasting time?”
“No. It should be all right in that roaster.” She’d said.
My still asking, “You think I might ought to baste it?”
“No. It’ll be alright with all the bacon you put on it.”
Darn it there’re times I come up short on patients.
6:00 PM
Finally Frieda says, “I want to check it.”
You can bet her sweet butt, I was going to be right there beside her. Heck, she needed me. She couldn’t pick it up leaving it to me. The lid off it looked and smelled good. Thermometer checking the breast it wasn’t done quite enough yet. I basted the bird, covered it, and put it back in the oven for another hour. Yup, I think I’m right on my first impulse three hours roasting till meal time.
When I had written about wildlife habitat this small area needed some fortifying. May seem hard to imagine but I’ve been feeding this brush pile for years.
Might say I outdid myself refortifying this area today. Should-a taken a picture when I had finished. Opps. Maybe another day soon.
This one grappler load. There’s more than three large pickup loads in these jaws. This implement makes quick work out of clean up or building a burn pile.
It isn’t easy taking a pear tree in blossom picture. The picture can not do the beauty justice. It’s remarkable with all the frosts we’ve had we haven’t lost the blossoms. It’s been ears since I cared for a fruit tree. Oddly enough I’m watching this tree this year to watch those eddy bitty fruits develop way down there in the blossom when the petals start falling away. When that happens it is like seeing each flower giving birth to a new seed, another descendent, for each year’s pear has seeds with in it at maturity.
7:15 PM
Was time to dig in and carve off a few pieces. Turkey come out moist enough for not having any hide to hold the juices in. The cranberry came out of the can perfectly; but, getting back to the bird it’s flavor surprised me. “Goooood!” as Gommer Pyle might have said. Me? I’m saying, Yummy. Wish you all were here.
7:45 PM
Life is good.

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Paula said...

You just had to tease us with the steps of cooking this turkey all the way, didn't you? I could hear you smacking from here.