Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rain continues.

Frieda’s sleep interrupted. I slept like a log for a near twelve hours last night. This cold damp weather is doing little to hold up my sweet disposition. We got another good inch rain last night and still continuing.
County nurse was out today to ruin my morning. Seniors citizens, or oldster as I prefer to refer to myself are evaluated twice a year. This for our situations and needs. Could be with more budget tightening we some services may be lost.
Bro’ in a dither called just before the nurses arrival with a couple needs: feeding and Bull pen attention. The feeding was easy enough. I’m needed for either removing bale wrap or plastic twine. The Bull pen was an entirely another matter. The two guys occupying the larger pen of the two must have been bumping heads and one of them got backed into the fence. I was near more likening what fence? I should have taken a picture of a before and after. One fence post leaning out a good 45* I lucked out pushing back up right and burying a rock beside it to told it upright. A bared wires stripped off an end post was the shorting out culprit. So much fun those two must have had they managed to break a number of wires in the woven wired part of the fence. A number of fence stretching’s with a number sleeved splices crimped in/on the fence was eventual repairing’s. I had done alright right up until the needed crimping’s. I called Bro’ for help. Having the shakes so cussed badly I couldn’t time all my motions to timely close the crimping tool. Bummer. Now, I’m wondering what’s going to be the new self control problem for tomorrow. Ya know, if that fence had only shaken in time with me today, I’d not have needed such a small simple amount of help.
With starter repair taken care of yesterday I was looking forward to putting the 1816 Case back together this afternoon, but for a more than a wetting need for towels I gave up on the idea. Undaunted determined to get something done even if it were wrong Frieda gladly mounted up in old Ugly for a back roads drive into Clio and TSC. I purchased a dual purpose auto battery that’d work in the skidsteer, two tractors and two trucks. Raining again and again I took another half mile north and looked an old writer’s club friend Frieda had not seen in a long time. We enjoyed each other’s company over coffee until we had to get back on the road so’s we’d be home before dark. We were, just. Here’s closing another day regardless what kind it might have been. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I admire your sense of humor concerning your health problems. I think that is the best way to handle them. Have a good day tomorrow.