Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today’s entry lost.

Crap, I had this all written out and lost it. Once written I didn’t hold any wanton memory what wasn’t all that important. So it’s gone….unless I should remember ir at another time.
What wasn’t forgotten is the following as I had forgotten to write it out earlier.
A message had come to us earlier in the day, this Sunday there’s a free breakfast for all the parish mothers attending church this Sunday. The gentlemen are expected to make an unspecified donation. In light of the last part of this news I’ve decided to save a couple bucks for my own breakfast finding one of my gowns, wash and iron it if I want the lace nice and crispy looking plus find all the proper accessories to go with it. In dire need, I’m afraid I’ll never find a more stylish sized fifteen feminine shoe. Being six feet four inches tall and not to steady on heals. Flats suit me my fashion sense well enough as I feel don’t need to appear any taller than I already am.
Gosh, only two day’s to put this ensemble together. I think I’ve got an idea for the shoes. As I could use a pair of loafers, they’s got to be a pair to purchase somewhere. I could glue a quarter on each shoe and call them my two bit loafers should I happen to become engaged in foot wear conversation.
Oh, I remember some what we did today. While Tom gave ray a hand, Barry was my right hand mane. Barry learned some important lessons in tire repairs. We covered my whole back yard picking up bits and pieces of brush lost when I was colleting it with the JCB’s grappler. We started a brush pile fire, having clouds move over us dumping a good dose of rain on us putting out the fire and soaking us to the skin before we got back up to the farmyard for cover.
And, we moved the tall Ollie with disk in tow out of yonder farmyard leaving it standing ready to work up the tenet farm’s earth just prior to planting. First time driven, it was a middle of the road tractor. Most likely the easiest steering fastest Ollie of the whole lot. I’m wondering if it had been used as a puller as much as it smokes on acceleration. No new calves today. The ones we’ve got should prove a trick for Keith to catch if the tattoo and tagging crew are going to I’d these guy’s before their meat market ready? BGKC.

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