Thursday, April 15, 2010

4-14-2010 Case of Depression’s Dealings

Yesterday I believe I’ve had my fill of the 1816 Case Skid-Steer. All day I worked on that thing. Ray even got into the act checking rechecking my continuity efforts.. All appeared good and correct. Finally by lunch time we decided it were a coil failure. Calling about there is one available locally. Going to a local small engine repairman he had a used one. Installed it didn’t work either. It was used when he purchased the psrtt off the internet’s Ebay, paying a healthy price for it.
Taking it upon approval, he didn’t know whether it was working or not? It hasn’t worked for me. So until we find the problem or cause of spark failure. We haven’t closed the tentative purchase agreement between us until we‘ve determined whether the part‘s working.
Having given up on the Case before I had purchased a howitzer field piece to put it out of my misery I picked up my tools and milk crate fill assorted parts before doing something that cussed out machine would be sorry for. Next thought how do I get it to shop for the duration. About that time a wreaker passed me, my field working place. Moments later he was my safest towing solution. Hence a few more of those moments later I followed him to his place of encampment, while he’s farming a couple pieces of ground, in the area. No explaining once upon a time neighbor camp for farming around here I shall not presume to explain further. For the use of his equipment is the cost of maybe week’s brew supply. Those stores should last him a week.
Putting the Case out of my mind I decided to check on the troops. Catching up with those two platoon troop Tom had put the forks on the diggers load bucket wrong. Barry knew their placement wasn’t the same as when he’d joined me once while I put them on a while back, But he didn’t know why? So it was a suggestive bit of showing the younger men the proper where, how and why I had installed the same forks in my fashion. Made sense to them and I’ve passed along another equipment saving tip. I could sure use a Case tip right about now! Meanwhile they were waiting for a fuel supply for feeding the Ford digger. They were clearing an access lane and a piece of land that has laid fallow for the last eight ten years or so.
I checked the ladies for the second time today. The calves on both fronts have settled in liking seasoned Shorthorn country veterans behaving themselves staying inside the fences. It’s good when I experience even little successes to brighten my day. And, it looked as though the morning’s feeding will hold the mobs need for the night through to this morning.
The damnable Case repairs even followed me into the late hours my searching and researching the Enet for the 1816 Case coil. It burns me Tecumseh having gone bankrupt and gone out of business two years before my hour of need. Some parts are available as after market contributions, excluding the coil. Having done all the afore mentioned after the Case is taken care of in a could be memorial state before facing a junkyards firing squad. I’ve plenty of other things to foul up around here. Like getting out the corn planter after a 12 year’s use absence to check it over and make necessary repairs and maintenance.

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