Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4-12-2010 Blessed Rain

Rain has slowen things down. I needed the rest. I’ve a sore back, an intimidated mind, and just plain disgusted with already having spent parts of the last four days trying to get the damnable 1816 Case to start. I’ve finally gotten the manuals for this cussed machine. Which indecently the books are near bigger than the skidsteer itself. Going for some edgmucation I cracked the covers.
Reading the book and internet info, I could find, I’ve finally gotten the starter end’s wiring correct, corrected. Now for the other end into the second ignition switch to replace the shot original I may still have the wrong one. Which incidentally I’d like to bring out my GUN and put that damnable machine out of MY misery. So Starter end figured out, I’ve got to tear the under dash assemblies back out AGAIN.
A friend of mine duplicating the same test on the starter solenoid swears it is in working condition. I haven’t made up my mind as to whether he’s right over my own undecided. A light rain, I may stop by the machine and quickly remove said third switch for terminal testing. If it don’t meet the internet criteria for a properly function-able keyed switch that specifically meets my needs I may just scream loudly enough to be heard over four boarders. I’m mad, angry, and wanting to hit something. Arrggghhhh!!!!!!

OH! THE RAIN! We need it. I don’t care if the fields have some the remnants the last 4”s rain we’ve gotten less than a week ago. The mud is only a marginal problem right now. A few more days we can start working the ground for an earth’s 54* planting start. Those required machines are ready to go. I’m glad their needs are out of the way. (whew)

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Paula said...

We had a nice rain here in town so we drove to the ranch to check the amount there. You guessed it--less then 1/2 inch.