Friday, April 23, 2010

What’d I do?

Yeah! What’d I do today? A very good question. And, I cab not remember. I know I didn’t cut, load, or haul firewood. Although, I had managed to half unload the wood-hauler this evening. Whew. I really don’t want another day’s worth of wood cutting right now. Well, that’s what I’m saying. I’ve a mulberry tree to cut down. Two of them would be even better. And, then there’s a box elder tree between the house and barn I’d like to take down. That’s enough of that.
Checked on tires and rims. The first tire and rim unusable I found two more up and willing to hold air. I eventually set them out with the wagon that’ll soon be on the road. I made two trips hauling fuel (gasoline) easily emptying the cans into the JD out here.
I set a small fire in our ditch out front this evening. I know! Being a farmer I should be knowing better than to do such a despicable act. But raking last summers leaves out of the depths of a ditch isn’t for me anymore. To many ups’n’downs, banks to steep, limbs getting shakier, I admit to blatantly going against nature over this burning leaves mater. Why? Because I’m getting to damned old to be making like a mountain got even on flat land. When the first burning was all though the tiger lilies I had planed a year ago looked like survivors. I may see some flowers out there yet. Frieda says the little slips of Lilac bushes I planted a year ago have flower buds on them. Wow. I’m tickled pink. Leaning on the wood-hauler looking at the house I was reminded of a screen repair. Then thinking I’ll just take the whole storm and screen unit down so’s I may scrape and paint the window’s sash and frame. I’d just better build me some sort of a portable window doing scaffold I may move from window to window. That’d make doing all the window easier. I prime and paint the windows and trim, painting the siding will be a snap. Now I’m wondering if a wagoner power paint sprayer could take care of the eves? That would speed things up a bit. BGKC.

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