Friday, June 11, 2010

my Ollie’s brake repair

We've more than one 1850 Oliver here.
Most noticeable was the improvements later models over earlier ones.
Now that you've mentioned it had brake trouble both of the early ones. Trouble might have been trouble with the balls continued oxidation. Got fed up with them and replaced those one inch balls with ONE INCH STAINLESS BALLS.
I've also quit using grease as it collects dust wear and gum's up the workings. Have opted instead to using POWDERED GRAPHITE (seed corn-planter lubricant (John Deere). Just a little dusting will do it.
These have been my braking ways.
Also, my two cents is usually different from somebody else’s. Take it or leave it.
As for yesterday, still woke up stiff necked. Modified tall Ollie’s seat location. Still going to replace it. Worked up another lent to us field for Sudex planting. Gonna try and plant it yet today.
Good and dry here, I also brought out the Crapsman and mowed on my yard in to stints. Mowing brush hogged grass four and better tall well dried still over heated poor Crapsman. Shattered grass easier mowing than green though. The yard a dried grass drifts mess It’ll be a trick if I find time to pick it up before the next four days rain forecasts.
I’ll be glad when we’ve finally finished planting. (haha) By then we’ll be so far behind with hay making. I see no lesser required tasks timely taken care of soon. (groan) One plus for this season, I see no kennel dog getting in my way for another wanted try at replacing our two front doors. Wishful thinking nothing else goes wrong.
Meanwhile! With weather guessed three/four days rain showers likely I may just be able to complete my first working satellite remote controlled gate opener. Almost got to, just to take the four time tractor on and off climbing use pressure off my knees.
Also while I’m gathering more materials to finish this first one of a kind fence implements I had better draw-out/draw-up, even set in stone if need be maybe, the winning wiring schematic and finer inputs to this thing’s final working’s.
It’s still morning as I write this. May or may not be a planting today. I’ve been informed two gangs on disc are broken in one way or another. I sit here waiting for my laundry to dry. EVER NOTIVE! When a body’s in a hurry the whole laundry scene gets fowled up. Twice the washing machine had gotten unbalanced and refused to spin out without some soggy clothing adjustments. Yeah Twice. Then because I’m in a hurry the drier is taking its own sweet time fluff drying my right arm’s wrist brace. I had to wash it. That was evening last I started it. So utterly creepy, I simply had to have it cleaned. I might better had taken out a second mortgage o the old lady and dickered for a new one from my favorite druggist. Oh well, such is the way wet laundry flop’s!
What I wrote earlier about planting today, well forget it. Somehow the disc managed to come up broken up this very morning meaning I had to take it to shop and disassemble it for either parts replacement or rebuilding for repairs. That took the very better part of the day to fix the disc, all inclusive, taking it apart and putting it back together again. It was 7:00 PM my finally getting home, take my rattlers and wait out te hour for supper. To tell the truth I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit I’m tired, pooped, spent, and hosting any number of aches and pains.
Probably the best pat of the day, for both of us, was Handy keeping me company today’s afternoon while I put the disc back together. I enjoyed his company, he was glad to get away from his house for awhile. Getting Handy back home his mother had decided she needed to go to the hospital. Frieda keeping her company while I had spirited Handy away she had been coughing up some green Technicolor phloem’s. This a good indication she’s hosting an infection someplace in herself. I’m thinking lungs. Why can’t old people just quit getting sick. It is such a waste of quality gray haired time.

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Paula said...

Amen, I vote old people don't get sick anymore.