Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Shorthorn day

Ground grain this AM what included moving three wagons to make ship shape the whole doings.
Then had lunch.
Lunch over wit, I played with putting the azzkicker together in a fine tuned fashion. May take a couple more rainy days; but when it’s ready it’ll be ready to go to work.
Oh yeah, I ran a couple short hot fence wires.
Been an expected headachy rainy day without results.
AT Last, Bro’ is finally getting over his “It might rain!” addiction. With all the good days we’ve lost since the middle of May we could have had 80 to 100 tons and or more hay bailed and up before now. I think I’ve finally gotten it through to him (again) out weather guessers are doing just that across a 300 to 400 mile width front. Sure it’s going to “might” rain somewhere, but not necessarily here.
What a you know? Lots of maybe days ahead of us. If I remain dry, I’ll be cutting hay tomorrow. There’s surely enough ready to cut. That’s for sure.

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