Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6-1-2010 untitled

I’ve finally come up with a proper tittle fore this urinal entry “My Ups & Downs.” I literally was up and down on and off tractors, up and down in and out of Ugly, up and down on and off the earth as well all the pro-occupied day. Calling it an early evening I had my supper at a reasonable hour as well. Then I had thoughts of either putting the bushhog on the little Ford tractor or getting the Crapsman out for some more five foot high yard work. While that last idea was all well and good when I got down to the barn and had thoughts of pushing and pulling that great big heavy barn door both ways to open and close it I passed on the Crapsman. Okay, my deciding I didn’t need the barn opened that all needily anyway. Turned around, I headed for the little Ford. Thinking I should get me out a hammer and my needing to back that Ford thru all the towering grasses to get to the bushhog, I had lost interest in another activity involved in even handling a hammer let alone finding one.
Walking the ramp up to the house my knees nagging I should get off them, put them up, find meself something a refreshing for drink for settling into my recliner, the evening was beginning to look up. Lawd, once I had disrobed and settled back taking my weight off my knees, my calves and feet felt woody. Humph, out anyone of my javorite beverages I settled for some grape juice laced with Rock & Rye soda. I say up another hour surfing the internet and purchased meself an intruder warning system (motion detector). Using swift delivery, it ought to be here via Partial Post, Brown, or Fed-up Express within the month.
This last reminds me I might better put a tracer on my hearing aid I had ordered last month so‘s I might hear anything moving outside.
For more juicy fun between my implemented ups and downs I loaded Her Mostess up beside me a quick drive into tow for five (what might be call) five quick shopping stops. Well that’s what I’m calling them. On getting back ome and unpacking our swag the complaint department informed me I had forgotten her lemoned tea. What the? Can’t she just be satisfied I had gotten her a loaf of cinnamon-raison bread instead? I’m telling you there just some days a man ain’t up to satisfying a lady, Lady?
Some local vegetation
Once used widely used for making thread, yarn, cloth, clothing and rope. Competing interests lobbied DC to outlaw a commodity American‘s had come to use in their daily lives until big industrial business researched an unhealthy perverted way to use it. Man, the child that he is inside, challenged to find the truth in competition’s claims has strived ever since to improve an innocent alternative commodity use until our so called children (adults) only know its portrayed as a naughty substance.
Hawked supposedly dangerous alternative use to our health by competing manufacturing interests to eliminate its use in a very competitive cotton, rayon and nylon fiber economy.
What’ll be the next thing to be pushed down our throats? Pre-greased ocean fish for faster ready to pan fry or broil sea food? BGKC.

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