Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6-21-2010 1st full day Summer

Also another first. This time one of my own!
I want to thank all my Chinese friends who’ve looked in and commented upon my Shorthorn country life. Thankfully for an internet perk provided by Google’s translations feature I’ve not only read these good folks contributed words but I’ve gone way back to enjoy all the translations. I apologize for my feeble minded slowness but that is the way the birds have chirped the news I was so slow to interpret. Thank you one and all.
May I go further in saying may I, no I shall include all my new and old, young and aged, short and tall, all the colors of their skins making them acquaintances I shall cherish. It is a blind blessing his internet we all enjoy what has made our world so much smaller and a grand place were on to live, love, and learn from one another what makes our own immediate little world centers* so important to each on of us.
As to the Shorthorn farm adventures, I was busy all day. DamnedifIknow what all I did, claiming short time memory syndrome. I changed a flat tire. Moved bunches equipment making a machine loaded pasture available for the Ladies perusal. I fixed fence. Holy smokems, I had to air a flat tire twice to relocate Shelled corn supply wagon, then jacked it up for a jack-stand to hold it up for emptying. Eventually gotten the grain ground and supplemented. All this I did with a limp wrist and a bone grinding knee. Once I got into the house8:30 PM, I ate and fell asleep. Thus this is as much as I can remember a harried day.

*The very center of the world, from where I look upon it, is wherever Frieda and I are together, is called home.

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