Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday brings?

Today’s starting out mostly, mostly, as far as cooperative weather is concerned. One thing sure my ladies need a change of menu fresher pasturage. Secondly if there’s any break away from damp weathering we’ve still the Sudex to sew and set. Chance of showers tomorrow with a bit of a weather break today I could just still possibly drop some hay for a quick pre-fully dried rinse. Believe me, this odd ball method of making hay is at times one of our only options. If all these farming facetts fail save the pasturage change over, I’ve got my azzkicker project beckoning my attention for the grand finish.
By my last evening’s azzkicker stopped for the day (or evening as the case) It’s still waiting for me, my ideas to finish it. When left last it didn’t look a bit different from the posted journal picture from a couple/three days ago. What isn’t seen: a battery rack is holding a 12v battery inside its bowels with a protective cover over it. The primary mechanical mechanism’s working capacity has been broadened and workings fine tuned for surer more smoothly working actions.
The next two phases will see the robot enveloped, the invisible arm’s cabinet-ed cuff ready to let it’s reach to come out for doing it’s intended on demand task. Do to the fact that this machine must be adaptable to any position’s orientation reaching out, north or south, east or west, its power absorption must also be easily attuned to the sun’s freely given energy overhead. That last phase had slow-en me down some evening last. Remarkably I’ve figured this simple accomplishment out over night.
Even more remarkably, while I was writing this, my mind happened upon the oh so adaptable KISS* method of finishing off the tricky invisible arm’s cuff finishing. (grin)(hehe)(grin)
7:45 PM I’m in and had had enough activity tiring my bones for one day. First off whoever had come up with the acreage numbers I was to plant must have had rocks in his calculator. I had to go back for more fertilizer and seed. Be it whether I’d done it right or wrong that field is well covered in fertilizer and seed. We get any two drops of rain, we’ll have crop sure as heavy as I might have sewn it, it could become a bumper to bumper winters feeding.
Then while I didn’t mow a lot of hay, I did manage to break-in two fields and teased two more. And obviously I never got to even look at my azzkicker, even in passing.
And while I couldn’t comfortably wrench the disc or drag into storage moods I did bring them home where I thought they’d be safer from thieving marauders.
Oh yeah, in my travels today I did manage to spy a couple lovely deer’s….uh…err….dears… ...whatever? The first deer her ears erect she’s watching me watching her.
A moment later she was running away in fine form…..
….as was the second dear a couple hours later.
I may have to change deodorants at least from ood-do-moo….
Seeing as how it has been a full day for me I’ve got to bow out for the evening. And, as I haven’t made plans for tomorrow I think I’ll just wait and see what surfaces. BGKC.
* KISS method explanation. KISS =‘s Keep It Simple Stupid.

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