Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Got to’s

Got up with a couple got to’s. First I had to take Her Mostess to Doc for her blood results. Secondly I’ve got to finish setting fence posts and stringing wire. And a third if I (should) get to it. I need to cut another hay patch.
Quarter to 9:00 PM and I’m in. yeah so I got another 15 minutes day light and 15 minutes more twilight!!!! Tough! It’s been a Hell of a day.
For one thing I got Her Mostess to Doc’s to be rapidly released three hours later. For another thing I tried and tried to make fence. Interruption upon Murphy’s interruptions kept taking me away froe my fencing rounds (around the field). Lost the use of the Tall Oliver when the distributor-pump liked to blew up swilling, spilling, spraying diesel over a couple/three sure yards of earth. I had just finished baling a semi-wet bale to be fed down the road. The T.O. kaput, had to bring in another tractor, to first dump the bale I the baler. Not wanting it to generate heat and become a primetime target for a spontaneous combustion situation I had to get it out of the baler.
The baler plugged into the Indy tractor the 554 baler was unloaded. The 554 jacked up it was loosed of the tall Ollie, the Tall Ollie towed away; and, the baler moved away via Indy Oliver replacement. a safe distance from the hot bale.
About to step aboard the Cushman Tom asked me to break in the next hay field, this one the last (a 50/50) legume and grass mix. So instead of Cushman I remembered I had a few corners to clean up before stringing wire, so I met Tom on the scene. I ran two rounds and handed the machines over to him. Then went about my way a couple the eastern pastures cleaning the corners with the lil’ Ford and brushhog.
Tom having about half the 50/50 field cut calls me just as I had dropped it for the Cushman. Remember, I’m doing fence today!!! He tells me the Shultz Oliver is leaking and spewing oil out of the engine in the same general area as the Tall Oliver. NO, NO, THIS CAN NOT BE, NO, NO! The Cushman under me I was on my way. Trying to find leak we thought we had it and had it fixed with a couple Cushman’s special tools. Trying it, we seemed to have taken care of one leak only to find another. The second leak required heavier tools, so the Cushman and I departed for the field tool box, my putting it on the Cushman. While Tom handled the Shultz Oliver’s leak I had brought along a gas can for the Cushman grateful to have gotten the drink.
The oil leaks taken care of Tom went back to mowing I went on to fencing. I did manage to set all the electric fence posts. I also had to move some brush and a downed tree. For this I traded off the Cushman for the fixed JD 4020. Took care of the brush, relocated firewood log and called it quits when I was next required to bring out a chainsaw. Two late in the day for my safely using it it had neared time enough for my aching limbs to join me calling it quits.
No new pasture for the ladies I found a marvelous way to get rid of that hot bale. I gave it to the ladies. With their mouths full it had done a splendid job of shutting them up.
One more side note: During my travels today I did partake of a splendid field side stop for some snacking. I can’t tell Frieda about this as I didn’t bring her home some.
Yum. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I think you're in the dog house now.