Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Woke up What to do?

7:00 AM. I don’t want to hear it. I admit I over slept. Happenes every time I’ve put in a good yesterday. My half fast plans for today, need to take care of my Biannual, Frieda’s pain early so if the 5:00 PM rain misses us again I can mow hay. I want to finish up Cushman wrenches and adjust up it’s brakes.
12:00 Noon. Docs office closed Wednesday afternoon. Took Cushman out for a drive to shop. Started raining stopped to put up windshield. Amazingly I stayed dry. Shop to myself. NO-body else around, nobody under foot I managed to snake Cushman into shop. Shoving a piece 1 ½” water pipe into the hitch receiver I used the mobile chain-falls to lift it off the floor. Twice adjusted the pedal’s stopping it without slapping the metal.
1:00 O’clock. Time to head back to shop to either make fix my poor job fixing the HD battery charger OR play with the very promising azzkicker. Oh crud, I’d better make re-fix the battery charger first. That was such a poor solder job. I better handle it first.
7:00 PM and I believe I’ve had my fill of enough excitement for one day. I believe I’ve gotten that HD battery charger solidly soldered this time, like it should have been the first time. (har-har) Played with the azzkicker only long enough to tidy up it’s internal appearance. Sunshine streaming past the open shop doors beckoned me. It was time I moved.
Having tested the tall grasses around about the shop, my shoes remaining dry. Oh yes I moved, I moved right on home. It were hay cutting time. Of course I’ve to ways out back from the farmyard: thru the most recently enlivened mud or through the Ladies. Going via way the ladies the sod was drier.
The tractor easy start was to good to last. The PTO refused to engage for powering the rotary-mower-conditioner. What the? Darn it all, after fnarting around with unworkable wrenches to tighten linkages the fix required another trip to the shop for not a wobble extension, nor a socket and a universal, but rather for a real thing universalling 9/16” socket. At last I was to be under way again.
Now where the “H” I had picked up Murphy along the way with his help I managed to take out and entire “T” post corner complex for a three way corner. Drat’s! Then it was a good hike (wasn’t always) back to the farmyard and the barn. Barn opened (I had already put the Cushman away earlier) more tolls and supplies loaded on the quarter toner I went back out to rebuild me a corner. That gotten done I had to take the Cushman near all the way back were I had passed through the last gate. Knowing the ladies outnumbering tricks, unable use not even one of the gates it was the long walk return exerciser.
Lawd! At last I got the whole conglomerate machine rolling and doing its thing. Making six rounds around all but on the remaining back yard’s fields I quit them at approximately 6:45 PM.
This is it. This was my Shorthorn country day. BGKC.

PS: When my angel broke a wing, being flexible, she bounced right back on a broomstick.

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