Tuesday, June 22, 2010

it rained

Expecting an easy day its noon as I write this. As thus far been anything but. Cushman’s brakes need serious attention. Ugly has decided not to start. Plugging in battery charger it had seemingly gone on strike. Later found outdoor receptacle out of action. Second extension cord brought into play is indicating maybe a blown circuit breaker somewhere.
Shop tied up could be for day’s by an inconsiderate Bro’. I left shop scene. Maybe I can fix Cushman laying in my mud. Maybe make fix Ugly miles from shop conveniences. Maybe dummy will wise up, but doubtful.
Lunch down, got an hour to fix transportation of some kind to get us to Doctor’s office. Then as it worked out I ran my sparkplugs back to the shop and cleaned them as well as as many more I could find in whole bucket of plugs on the back of the workbench. Out of all I had and additionally found I cleaned and tested ten plugs as serviceable, saved two more maybes, and threw the rest into a scrap bucket. Some workable plugs in hand I took my time putting them back into Ugly. I can tell my journal we were a couple happy campers when Ugly and I were running happily. To late for Doc’s office I’ll about us making it tomorrow.
Looked up a couple sweeties: One in misery my looking for an 1855 update report and was treated to her family, homestead changes and gardening, go girl. One Lone Star Honey’s adventures always a joy to read, specially this time’s different takes between northern and southern haying practices, good going wildlife lover. I hope everybody’s getting along with their snakes and turtles.
Yup, it had rained as predicted at about sunrise. The deck and ramp well wetted down we didn’t see another drop all day. I managed a tire change on the implement trailer, found another tire bad and obtained a replacement for that one this evening on my way home. Repaired front tractor tire leaving it for several hours to let the vulcanizing to well set before putting it back together. Aired, I’ll see if it’s a good repair come morning.
While I didn’t make direct headway with Cushman’s brakes today, I did find a fine piece of steel to make a pair of specialized brake wrenches out of. Paired eight inches in length, I merely drilled two starter 3/16” and ¼” holes in the pieces opposite ends. Tomorrow I’ll likely grind the facets at 30* angles to the bars bottoming the slots in the proper pre-drillings. When I’m satisfied with the wrenches finish I’ll label their use, harden them for durability, and add them to the on the go Cushman tool box.
Oh yeah, today’s first day after a continuous five day string I haven’t dispatched a varmint. BGKC.

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