Sunday, June 6, 2010

6-6-2010 in reference….

….I mowed some grass hay evening last. Luckily for me my cut was just in the nick of time for a thorough all night rinse. Gosh, looks like a good day for calling TSC for muffler. Then try crawling under Ugly and install a fuel line filter in the port gas tank so I may fuel that tank and have gas enough to make TSC for a muffler purchase. That is if they’ve got one.
Well, I called TSC and they insist I make a personal appearance to order in an 1850 Oliver muffler. It’s not a required stock item.
So, I been thinking to quiet one them two cylinder Harley Davidson Motor scooters they’s have a built in baffle to quiet them some. Okay, I’m thinking maybe taking a length of three inch tube and slid three baffles thru three paired slices put in that pipe, then welded sure. It’s also an odd bit of a phenomena put a ninety degree bend in a diesel engines exhaust pipe and he emitted sound’s cut more than in half. So instead of using the customary flapper on top that pipe I weld onto it a ninety degree bend shaving the bottom side the outlet at a sixty degree for shedding rain water.
Now if this idear was to work I may just have found a way to fix mufflers for all these tractors, specially when it comes up kissing arse for a part what can’t be ordered over the phone, saving gas (energy).
Well, as it turned out making talk over my idear with Tom, Tom just up and welded the old broken muffler back together again. So now muffler fixed I can put it back onto the Shultz Ollie come morning.
Raining off and on all day, and I mean off and on, often enough it didn’t leave a man near time enough to start anything outside let alone finish it. I played with the azzkicker this afternoon some. Thought once I had it figured out. Got a light to flash. Yet have yet failed to make the relays work. Some of a gun, It’s likely a simple little detail fowling up the whole works. (Balderdash!) BGKC.

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