Saturday, June 5, 2010

Power outage

Somewhere’s along about 8:30 PM the lights went out with a rumbled flash at dusk. So, what else to do but go to bed; she her’s, me mine; in the last of the evening’s twilight‘s offering. Couldn’t find Consumer’s Energy Company emergency telephone number. Operator insisted it had either been changed or discontinued. I’d guess hat’s on way to avoid work. Sure was good timing for Sparky to pack up and go North. (grin) Locating a couple flashlights and putting them for hands on handy if needed I was set for the night. Rolling back and forth a couple times I had finally drifted off to worry in my sleep.
Waking along about 3:00 AM for a water haul taking care of, I had gone outside. A nice bright moon add luster below. And looking around I had all manor of neighbor with their lights blinking at me through the trees between us. What the ____?
Unable to sleep I got it up and took inventory my emergency box:26 double “A” batteries, 2 “C” batteries, 4 ”D” batteries, 10 Pakistani pocket knives (I’d paid $1.00@), I Norwegian army knife (no Swiss corkscrew); 2 China knives, one of them a no doubt a favorite of Attila the Hun’s for carving living hearts out of sorry captives; and three flashlights needing new bulbs.
4:00 AM wanting to write some naughty thoughts the light was poor and my pencil without lead.
4:30 AM I was remembering a spouse trying to talk a “G”string off the other, the other being me. Then there was the time it took me four hours coaxing her out of a three postage stamped sized bikini, them triangular pieces so small there weren’t room for but on key, a stick of double mint gum and the content of one fortune cookie‘s fortune for the right guy, me.
Then my mind was back to how do I report a power outage? Call “911” for whatever good that’d do? And lastly the peepers and crickets were in toned down voices for all the honest good the antibiotics I had taken over Winter’s last blustery days, had their healing effects.
Disgusted in that I had neighbors with power and I didn’t was starting to boil my blood and I don’t boil easily. Anyway about then the lights come on with Frieda making with, “Good morning, Lover.” So I spend the next hour or so researching the internet for a replacement venial I smashed up last week. And, before I know it, it was time for sort and downing meds. Another hour and breakfast, another hour morning’s relaxation and I was off and on going.
Barry’s volunteered to help me he’s in no rush for me to pick him up, so I go by the elevator first. The place busy, a hand short, I talked an old goat into handling my purchases needs. I jumped on the fork truck, moved a couple items, and transported my pallet piled needs. Having soloed I’m ready to receive my fork truck driver certification. (grin) Back on the road again I picked up Barry, we went for the empty gravity box. Getting home, having forgotten to mention it earlier The ladies had gotten out. Out back rather than on the road out front. I knew of this before I had driven out of my driveway. Messing with the tubs filled with sixteen bushels corn our grind started out slow taking a full four hours to complete. Tom tried fixing my fence and failed at it. it’s alive a half strength. I’ll look again at it tomorrow. Getting on lunch time I haaaaad to put my left leg up for some restful pain relief.
Many things caught up I snuck down the road and grabbed the Oliver with the rotary mower on it. Brought it back, made one round and had broke the muffler off. Getting late there was little could be done. Muffler parts so tin there’s nothing to put together for even temporary. Conferring with Tom We’ll go for a straight pipe with some tubing standing in the shop. We’ll see tomorrow. Meanwhile BGKC.


Paula said...

We sure are dependent on our power, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

我又來看你囉~加油^^ 祝你天天順利開心..............................