Saturday, June 19, 2010

Noooo fencen’ different?
This time only merely one measly wire in my own backyard needed repair.
Now on to the nitty gritty, while the rest of the troops took care running the ladies through the chutes I played haying man. I greased the old AC PTO driven hay rake an parked it. I also greased the old IH hay rake and used it to flip some clover I had double dog dared it to rain on last night. It did! Rained I mean! I wanted it dried some for today’s haylage baling and wrapping. This is the only way I can handle all I had cut yesterday.
Sun’s shinning today making it glorious day. As nice and warm as it is my knees are still complaining, not that I’ve leaned on them much. Hmmmm, as faithless as I am the couple/four times I was all the way down on them perhaps I might not have at least pretended to say a prayer just to have stayed on HIS good side while I was down there.
Ten full bales and a skimpy one fed out to the girls was my day’s wholesale production. I’m lookin’ for at least three full round bale loads tomorrow. Just making them ought to keep me busy clutching that irritable knee for a misery-ing six hours.
While mowing some of yesterday’s hay crop, more or less knowing where the mower was doing its cutting on my left flank. Coming up ahead of my on my right I had a long established corner post to steer this whole combined conglomerated machine around without hitting something.
Unbenounced to me laying in the grasses in front of the advancing mower had laid a fawn. To my surprise and to the wisdom of that fawn it had sense enough to get up and move, and run it did from in front of that rotary mower ahead at an unbelievable angle headed for my Shultz Ollie. That critter ran beneath me, it the tractor, from rear left under the engine tub’s belly off to the right front through all four the rolling tractor’s wheels. Remarkably the machine or the critter or the combination of both, that wild hearted animal had it one-way or the other been missed. The last I saw of it while drive-ably missing the “T” corner post and wheeling the whole machinery assemblage around for another mowed pass in the opposite direction, the fawn was tripping in and out of the very windrows I had mowen-made only minutes before. Believe me, if I hadn’t seen it happened, as I described it, I wouldn’t have ever believed it!
Darn it I had a couple more topics to bore my readers with. I be shrucked if I can remember them now. Wait a moment! Could be one of them has to do with some of them politically motivated drivers insistently ignoring all manner my hand signals, all so passionately intent on passing me, when I’m trying to make a left turn. Just where the “H” “E” double “L”’s are these maniacs brains. If they’s no regard for their own lives how about letting me live mine for just one more day today and another tomorrow.


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Glad the fawn is okay. We have to really be careful driving through the tall grass not to hit a baby calf.