Monday, June 28, 2010

Hay Maken

Sposed to be dry for week. So need to stagger hay mowing times for correlating differences in hay drynesses, rolled bale sizes, making smaller alfalfa haylage, and supper sized dry grass hay bales, for daily handling the crop so no hay leaf goes wasted. };^)
So what’d I do, I made a couple rounds the tenant farm alfalfa field and handed the cutting over to Tom. Bro’ in an absolute dither for a couple bales, I rolled and delivered. And when lunch time rolled along I ate. Then it was the Cushman and myself off and running outback to make drive the electric fence posts. Thinking my hand would let me down, before I had gotten to far, I had called Barry for some help. Barry never showed. So as far as I had gotten I seem non the worse for wear. Of course I continue to wear my wrist brace; and, having learned the art of using a hammer the correct way during my informative years I’ve already cover better than a mile with no wrist pain’s objection.
About the time I was going to use the little Ford tractor and brushhog Bro’ cells me he’s locked his keys in his truck and I’m to deliver him the second set. As I was leaving home I saw Tom had finished mowing all my place’s western hay fields. Keys delivered I stopped us by the grocery store on our way home for bread and milk (yeah right). Then stopped up the road and topped of my port gasoline tank.
Interestingly enough about time I had finished taking all the grocery bags in house, taken my meds, Bro’ celling me again was finally ready to do something with those bales he had to have this very AM. Well, they’ve been taken care of finally after an all day heating in the open sun????? they were either fed out or wrapped up temporarily closing off the end of the haylage tube.
By the time I got home I figured I had put in my day by seriously looking for a two hour postponed meal. Was kind-a a slow “ho hum” day until I invited Frieda to go with me my taking them keys to Bro’. My taking her with sure beat my kissing the ugly old woman goodbye. BGKC.
An AM extra Home Board writ.
Sun's shinnin here. Week end was as disappointing and interesting as I had writ. Simultaneously got to go two ways this AM. Must clean pastures corners; and, must reset some electric fences. Just as impotently must cut one whole grass-hay field and half of another alfalfa-hay field.
Worst part the weekend, my beer tender's been out of my favorite beer for over a month.
Worst part looking at today, don't know if right wrist can swing the three pound hammer required for setting the letric posts.
AND: Loop's got her burban backed up to the garage door, facing road, poised like a junkyard dog. Hmmm....meaning?


Paula said...

Oh so that is why John likes to take me with him, to keep from kissing me goodbye.

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