Thursday, June 24, 2010

Doc Day

An early morning start 9:00 AM for loco medical practices outside the more formal citified clinics. I got a one arm squeezing, doubly poked for sufficient vial-ed blood supplies for the ghouls in some well hidden test labs, plus two more pin pricks in the fingers for my sugar content. Doing some accounting I had a grand total of four lettings for a blond haired vampire. I was tabled were I had had enough stamps put on me I could have been mailed all the way across the street and then some. Then I was treated to witnessing some several pages coming out of a machine until one of them proved my heart was ticking. The ticking provened, I was treated to a defoliating my chest and varied other areas (extremities). (ouch) This was not the en, as I was led down the hall to be traded off to another blond as if I was a commodity the first blond wanted to get rid of. Behind closed doors this gal had me lower my pants (bibs) which was alright as long as I had had a hold of them. She demanded I put my arms over my head. The lady well endowed I put my hands and arms over my head and lost my pants. It wasn’t such a good idea as then the gal commenced to take a couple black and white negatives.
By and by it had somewhere along with my examination, mine Frieda was also being attended to in another suite. She received some of the same treatments, I had, with some notable differences. She didn’t loose any hair and hadn’t had her pants dropped for her pictures taken.
During all these time I conscientiously consumed liter after liter of water to eventually satisfy some female’s whim she must have some of my personally made water. What a lot of fuss. Nearing more than an hour past the noon hour, some medical procedures untaken care of we went for lunch out. Leaving Arlene’s Frieda cross the street at the village’s only corner traffic light. I had mentioned Fairhaven Store and she was on her way liking a she had a mission. Catching up with her she had found some different knitting needles and more yarn plus some just gotten in some Summer picnic plate holders. From the Fairhaven Store we went, or rather I went, to edge of town parts store for spark-plugs, some inner tube valve stems, among some other needed goodies. Then it was back to town for postage stamps.. By this time all the money I had been holding onto to pay off the stolen tire was gone. Across the street from the P.O. was another auto parts store. Checking them out they also didn’t have, what I had asked for earlier, a cable tightening clamp for the Cushman. So much for that stop. So it was off to the village’s only supermarket. Their prices higher than a giraffe’s arse I didn’t buy but only a couple essentials plus the only bargain I’d seen in a week or more, a whole ½ case strawberries for $5.00. I hate strawberries. Its going to take all my strength to get rid of them in the next few days. {;^)) A few groceries and we drove back to the Doc’s office. It was just as I had suspected my meds needs hadn’t been called in, then we were off for our medical day’s last stop. Parking Ugly backed against the wall so Frieda could enjoy the passing traffic scene I went in to help the staff along with my many medical prescriptions. It didn’t take them long to get out some eight scripts, something about getting rid of one patron keeping the staff and waiting customers at odds having upset the normal routine of things. They had a real problem for sure the day pharmacist and an associate up and leaving while I was there. Hmmm. I wished I could have helped them out?
The afternoon hour so cussed late leaving little enough time to get into some meaningful project I drove up on the road to the Sixguy’s farm to check out their grain handling reconstruction project. Pulling I could see the whole project seriously bogged down. I spook with the family boss, since I’ve been home talking it over with Boss Frieda maybe what they need is a job foreman (ramrod in this case) to over see and keep the construction moving along? Maybe, just maybe, I might go back over there tomorrow and offer those young men my services. Payment? I can think of three very distinct in-trade possibilities. Wish them guys some luck!
Getting back I manage to almost unload everything out of truck before looking for a confederate in crime. I was thinking along the lines putting fixed tire back on Shultz 1850 tractor. Took a couple stops to find Tom. With his help the tire was changed and the ladies behaved themselves…..(hehehe) They was no sneaking around me (out flanking me) this time.
Called Bro’ and passed before him my subletting myself out A few hours a day idea. He didn’t find anything objectionable in the idea and wished me luck. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I hope all your's and Frieda's tests come back okay. John just had a catarack taken off and I had two MRI's Always something as we get older.