Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OMG, slept 12 hr & 74 today

Twelve hours sleep. Wow! I must of walked them fences either a lot longer or lot further than I had realized to have had worn myself such as the sleep indicator suggests. But, who am I to scrutinize my past pillow actions.
Whew! Am I still tired? My head itches! My eyes are deep sea swimming in their own fluid’s! I’m insistently hack, hack, hacking for naughtily smoking a cigarette after a four day hiatus. And, why my ears are ringing loudly this morning for I have no idea from hearing a blasted what? But to me it otherwise looks like it’ll be a good day.
I expect no help with my grind today. I need to check upon tenant livestock yard’s water and electric fences. Nobody consulting me until after the fact it’ll be my fault if there’s a equipment failure. I should have taken up mind-reading in Spirit’s University. Once those little tasks are taken care of I need to cut, haul, and wrap the wilted hay I had cut day-a-fore-yesterday. Then the rest my time is my own? And anything’s done on the azzkicker it’ll likely be only in thought, (hehe) not in hand.
Drifting off to sleep last night I hadn’t given my age a thought. Feeling like I was only worth $73.93 at the very best evening last it’ll be astounding when, if at all, I should feel like a full 74.00 dollars worth sometime today?
Two Secrets….
….for a happy marriage…uh…err…interestingly; when your are wrong, admit it; when your right, shut up!
Surprise, surprise, surprise! Having almost finished lunch I’m called out for another bunch of cattle out. What the Heck? Upon my arrival the other end I find two sons awaiting my arrival. Kind-a a sneaky way to make their presents known. Yup, and the cattle were out although none where in harms way either one way or another. My sons divided riding with their uncle and myself we brought up the cattle a put them in their place. Blamed for their being out…. What’s new. My being the most important individual around these farms, anything goes wrong, I’m picked the one who’d done it wrong.
The Ladies contained My youngest son assisted in running a new replacement ribbon for the four year old one’s failure. Personally I imagine a rather spunky calf had run through it causing the original wire gate’s failure. These latest tasks taken care of we adjourned our visiting to home for the boys mother’s involvements.
We managed to yak it up for at least a couple hours and then some before Keith showed to take Frieda and I to Judy’s viewing. Flip and Frantz had to get back home anyway. Fern III had to get back to work. Hmmm...Hmm! What an afternoon. Took some pictures today. Late now. Maybe some postings tomorrow night. It’s leaning on to late for anymore out of me this day. BGKC.

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