Saturday, June 26, 2010

slow paced day.
Some early morn sprinkled kept close to Frieda and home. Afternoon I needed an extra sparkplug for one Tom had broken and I got a whole package full them carburetor filter gaskets. Packaged as they were might be the manufactures were onto me before I myself?! Spent some time on azzkicker formulating the electrical solar panel eventual installation. Satisfied even with as little as I had gotten done that I had to come home and cut a mere couple rounds grass hay for making a morning instant feed bale. Darned if them couple rounds didn’t windup cutting all of my bottom ground to even burying the Shultz Oliver deep enough it was setting on its gear case. It took the 4-180 to bring it up and out of the soft bog muck and mire. Then I continued on until I had finished all but about a 1000 square feet of bottom land. Interestingly enough while we’ve had more rain this spring and summer than a year ago; back then I had to abandon two whole acres hay to wet ground. This was my day with one exception. I enjoyed a Mexican watermelon no doubting it had sneaked one way or another over the boarder to get all the way up here to Michigan. BGKC.

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