Thursday, June 3, 2010

Way it goes

Okay, I’ll start with yesterday The plows sitting out front the shop Tom and I got into cleaning the sand and clay of them. Relatively clean save for a bit of surface rust, I dug up, dug out, several spray paint cans. You know the kind made for making a weekend warrior look good. I think we finished up the seal coating the moldboards and shares with about the leavings of five colors. All total we managed to trash four cans. Before we’d even finished the painting it started to rain. Running out of paint in the fourth can we (I) was rained off that job.
Standing in the doorway watching the rain come down, Tom and I decided it’d be a good day to take off. Yeah sure it’d been a god day for my playing with my azzkicker; but, for the headache and every joint seemingly paining my sprit we both saw it defiantly as prefect a day for taking off.
Home I took a nap before lunch. After lunch I took another nap. Surprisingly I must have needed the sleep, for when bed time rolled around I slept like a log. Truthfully, I thought I’d be up half the night and I could start roughing out some drawing. An artist I wasn’t, I had solidly slept and slept and slept. All told, I’ve had one busy productive day all day.
I was up and out early this morning raring to go at anything. I had in my mind a whole list of duties to have performed. I chose to move some of Bro’s junk from in the shop doorway, Then I homesteaded that tidied area. I had the wires just a flying, the cutters cutting, the crimpers crimping. When I was done I looked as if I were bellied up to a giant plate of spaghetti. The battery hooked up nothing happen when I pushed the button. I changed batteries and still nothing happened. Desperate I put in another wire just for the Hell of it. Maybe I could generate some smoke?
So’ if it rains again tomorrow, I’ll get into testing the relays. Perhaps I wired them I backwards. I can’t believe I am so close and it isn’t working. (bummer)
Busy, busy day, had to move some tractors around to put the plow away. Plow parked The 2150 Ollie was brought to my house. The ladies or their calves had been busy breaking the fence in a couple places needing repairs. We mounted the bushhog onto the Ford Tractor. While Tom knocked down four foot or taller grass around the tenant house I took to moving hays out of the hay yard. My plan was to let the ladies clean up that entire area off for me before I start bringing in this season’s cuttings.
In here somewhere Bro’ and Tom managed to take Tom’s well pump to another country neighbor for a hopeful fix. And, surprisingly enough it was taken care of today. Reassembled and on the well it’s working without leaking.
Not much rain today the day ending under sunshine. Sure is pretty out. Got to be going horizontal soon. Must of been a good day as all in as I’m feeling. BGKC.

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