Saturday, June 5, 2010

6-4-2010 The beat goes on.

I must of near worn myself out day before yesterday by reference my post busy day sleep carrying-on’s. I put in nearly ten hours sleep upon the other night’s sheets. Bothersome ups and downs, on and off equipments, had gotten my left knee just a complaining in pain that morning. So it looks like that uncomfortable brace I had taken off two days before yesterday; well, I had to put it back on at least once again that morning. Along with the customary rattlers it was already feeling like it was going to be a Tylenol day that day.
(I knew the Tylenol need for sure when I’d started doing my chores?)(I dislike taking any medication short of absolutely required for my life giving/comfortable life extending health.) Most the time I’d rather keep my mind and body busy to forget about the pain. And when severe enough I find sleep the best single pain reliever there ever was.
I haven’t herd a sound out of my neighborhood ladies since refilling their mouths full with brand-new greener grass just the other side their yesterday’s fence. (smiles)
It was about here the power was lost, dark had set in and it were bedtime for sure. And the adventure continued……..

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