Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10-3-2010 HoKay

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy(?), and wise.”
Yeah sure if that quote were true to its words. Between yesterday and evening’s last activities including stay up an extra hour with my Cushman’s manuals I finally found it. I now know how the throttle and governor’s independent hookups are achieved.
The cussed Cushman manuals have surely left a whole lot to be desired in information. Of course its not the poor manufacture’s fault that by the time got to this broken down, busted up, near holey rusted beyond description, body metals bent beyond even useful patterns, leaving the machine even nearer recognizable condition. It were that decrepit old machine’s lucky day the day I had barely taken a look at it. It were further lucky Junior had come along suggesting he’d like to try and see if the machine’s engine could be started to see if and how well it may run. There’re times over the years I have cussed and then blessed Juniors this-machines rebuilding efforts. The engine coming to life for Junior, it seemed right the only thing to do was to inventory its needs, while chancing catching some SS Rustoleum Bucket* eye blindness for even looking at, let alone study it. Between so many broken and missing parts the challenge had an elusive daunting look about it. That was when the Yamaha electric golf cart’s contribution to the miss concept-ed challenge. The Yamaha’s contributions included the steering and seating arrangements. The wooden cargo box was my idea for rustily bent up tin‘s replacement, which has been very unexpectedly more useful than than the corrected tim may have been. The front fenders were of heavy belting from a gravel pit’s processing equipment. Plus a many other imagineered missing parts.
Unsolicited help from a passer by damaged has caused the poor machine’s carburetor fastening down the many ears the flouting accelerator linkage I had left the machine with so many years ago. Now I‘m sweating bullets. A replacement carburetor is running into the boo-coo sums of dollars bucks* these days. A big ouch if that comes to be required. The accelerator’s continued pressure applied to the carburetor these last months is the root of the bent carburetor shaft’s problem. Sometimes I wish I didn’t quite receive so much help from my neighbors. However, I can’t deny their honest efforts to be helpful. (sigh)

All this Cushman tailing has gotten me to where I am this morning, rising late, over sleeping generally worn out between frustratingly long very physical hours, evening bumper cars, and staying up with reading and looking at what’s a poorly written misleading uncompleted manuals.
Ho-Kay I started out late. I wrenched on the Cushman until I come butting heads against what with and how I was going to rig and hook up the throttle and governor cables. I fooled with this idea and that one eventually taking the bolt cutters and clipped one end off the parking brake cable assembly I had brought up from the lower shed. Tried it inside a new chunk of steel rake line. It slide to and fro easier than it had in its original cable housing. Then it was how was I going to connect the ends? Well okay I at least needed a cable house of some length. I got in Greene and drove to town (closest suburb). Along the way I thought I had better pick up some cable clamps. My thought was I cut and bare two brake cables for the Cushman’s parking brakes. Two pieces used I’ll lap them and cable clamp two of them together. These heavier babies will out last me for sure.
In all I had hit three auto parts dealers, two hardwares (one twice), and TSC. Picking up parts here and there all along my way including a half mile electric fence wire and a bag of insulators to get me by.

After lunch it were back to the shop. Bro was making dig in the new location for the buried power cables, finding them shortly after I had gotten back. No good to Raymond nor Barry I did my shop thing on the Cushman. Two/three hours I accomplished little. I made a couple parts cutting drilling parts I thought I was going to use, then decided against them. Wasted time? Naugh, I had just figured out what wasn’t going to work. One of the parts I had bought in my travels I put aside simplifying one my original ideas. Then figured out I was going to amplify one of a cables motions through a bell crank to properly work as it hadn’t worked correctly from the original rebuilding some ten years ago. This created a couple new problems. I needed pivot points and figured on using some odd pieces of pipe, bolts, and flat stock cut just so and either have them welded together or brazed by myself. This welding it has really become difficult this last year or more. Maybe I can procure Tom’s welding expertise in the morning. A for the pipes Finding one I might use in the junk pipe vessel I found it had been homesteaded by some bugs. I’ll tell it like it was. I wasn’t easy removing them no-good for nothing interloping squatters.
It was late my getting home, my spending some time looking and figuring, my time looking like nothing had
been accomplished is to the contrary. I had a good day figuring show to work out some of the Cushman’s finer points for more enjoyable use when it’s finally all put back together.
Hey, we finally found and dug up the damaged power line. That’s one end of it sticking up.
*SS is the beginning Super Sensitive description = Super Sensitive Rustloleum Bucket!
*Boo coo bucks are running up close to $400.00. That smarts. Gotta save that carb..

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