Thursday, October 14, 2010

10-13-2010 For nuten to talk about

Frieda slept well enough last night having broken her mask (c-pak). Me, I slept 11 hrs and still I’m yawning. Was almost an un-accomplished day.
Up early enough, s inversely compared to yesterday, I haput in some shop time fixing that Leland tire. The inner tube had some rather odd looking scratches running lengthwise with it’s the circumference. Fortunately Bro’s last tire re-supplied fixings wisely included an elongated inner tube patch what was just the ticket for patching my tractor tire’s holey tube inner tube. And, scarcely did more thsm look at the Cushman in passing.
Skipping lunch, unable to have found a ride clear across the near side the other side of Flint for a Boss Lady’s medical appointment I drove there and back. Just underway it started raining. Our drive I missed all but about 4mile city traffic having driven out and about country roads. On way back we stopped by Thrifty Acres (all in one super store, unlike Wally World I’ve never ever taken anything back for any reason, were-as put some more capital back into circulation. The final shopping list included couple cereal bowls, yarn (knitting), anti-freeze, some groceries, some cheap tuna (for the cats), and earrings I ain‘t gonna wear.
As usual out with my Lady, she’s got to be fed so I escorted her to Long John Silver’s for a knowing what yer gonna get fishy dinner.
Next stop was in Mt Morris by the seamstresses to pickup what I could pickup and drop of another brainstormed bib’s knee pocket additions to hold pocketed knee kneeling pads. My cushioned bibs done, I’ll wear them today. My tux wasn’t quite finished yet. I’m wondering that ain’t a ploy just to keep me coming back. They are a couple lovely girls, one of them may be available if any guy‘s interested, I could ask?
It had continued to rain long even into the night. This morning’s wet every direction a body looks. The fall colors are also superb in any direction one’s eyes look. The barnyard creek is full of water, enough water I’ll be taking steps up stream for a drier foot crossing. The wet weather had also made for me a lengthened double dosed doing my chores evening after we had gotten back.
So, all the foregoing has been the jest of the wearing me either out or down for my day going and coming my Shorthorn country day. (sigh)
Backing Greene up in front the seamstress’s shop, there I had seen a lovely young bride having just finishing her last weding gown fitting. Hubba hubba. I gotta tell the truth as I see it! And the way I look at it every young man every lovely young lady manages to take out of circulation is another young man I don’t have to worry about stealing my Old Lady* away from me.
*Note: I capitalize all nouns and pronouns of important respect owed or given. (Smiles)

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