Thursday, October 28, 2010

So little to write

Gosh we both slept like logs. This amazed me after my taken that long afternoon nap yesterday.
Weather’s still damp around here driving in and out of mystical showers all day. I picked up food stuff this morning, my required medications, and wire end terminals for the shop stores and the haulster. I enjoyed a leisurely lunch and may have rounded me up a hand’s help for setting a couple gate posts tomorrow. (I hope) Moseyed down to the tenant house and cut two good sized gate posts out of some old utility poles. I probably should have cut a couple more. Ehh, I can still do it later.
We’re keeping the magical wood heating stove lazily keeping us warm one of us just remembering to feed it another piece of wood at the most timely moment.
Like I said not a whole lot to report. See a dump truck for sale needing a brake job. Having just done Greene’s brakes I’ve had some recent practice. Need to talk with Bro’ on about it. Cheap enough if purchased, brakes fixed, could be of some real use it only as long as we need it and sell it for our money back. Gosh, I think I drove one of them way back in 1978. My how time flies when the driving’s easy……

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