Friday, October 15, 2010

What’s today…….

….Going to Bring?
Most serious USA crisis? Gotten away UFO helium filled party balloons sighted over Manhattan Island, NY, NY.
Our biggest own home’s consumer goods welfare discovery, with the loss of the old refrigerator, we didn’t loose a any eggs or pound of butter, nor did I loose a single California Chardonnay.
Misty rains over night in local area here. Second fall calf born on the other end. My personally checking the gravity feed wagon I definitely have to grind grain today. Would like a couple final hours to finish Cushman’s first getting its best running tune-up. Weather hopefully breaking, must start 2150 Oliver, as hooked up disc harrow needs a welded fix and balanced adjustment so‘s to immediately work ground for Fall’s winter rye planting. NOW? What’ll I either get to or done and finished today?
LAST….; but, far from least, I asked Her Mostess, “You got anything unbenounced going on.…TODAY?
Okay! Now to get back to the ordinary everyday Shorthorn country daily surprises. Whew! I thimk?
Morning skies clearing I spent my morning kneeling beside the Cushman, checking and re-checking the engine timing. Cussed thing continues to tease me basely running, not running, starting and fading away. By gum. If I live long enough I’ll figure it out. Sadly so close yet so far to go I had to give it up for farming.
After lunch I ground grain and delivered it the other end. Still having an hour to make it to the elevator for a weight slip It’d be a good time to re-supply the shelled corn. When I got there the over head was empty. It was a simple act what come next, simply take some corn from a big ben elevated up-up and almost beyond, and dropped into the over-head ben I had parked under. It was some two hours later coaxing shelled corn down a hole in a an augured feed. Today that hole was to small and troubled with some unbelievably fungied corn. ((I’ll explain it if anyone’s interested as how not to let it happen to them)) The loading we finished an hour after the second elevator’s closing. My last option, I parked my loaded wagon to one side for the night. (ho ho) I know one of one thing I’ll be doing in the morning. Picking up my wagon to seek a weigh slip.
Lastly on a late arrival home I fed my ladies even managing to slip an extra hay bale past them. Those extra special hay bakes are sitting to one side the lower front barnyard. They’re there should my need to feed the ladies and I’ve no one to handle the gates. These bales handily placed I can slip in and out amongst this backyard’s feminine mob without any misunderstandings.
Super was late again. Seems to be just my speed recently. It’s no a brainer why my evenings are so short.

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Donna said...

Oh, you have to be super-sneaky to drive a tractor through a gate with nobody to open the gate! At least you don't have horses, because they make it ten times worse.