Tuesday, October 12, 2010


First talk of adjustments each of the last two days we’ve had sunny clear skies a body had the warmth of nature‘s sunshine. By the same token we were forecast rain each the last couple days. Right handy what with trying to hay. This morning, looking out on the desck it’s wet, we’ve misty air without so much as a whisper of air’s movement. Like all wimmin, can’t figure Mother Nature also? {;^))
Second talk of adjustments involves the Cushman’s brake. Think I was taking them up yesterday I had turn the adjuster’s the wrong way. Those wrong way adjustments didn’t help the buggy’s braking.
Third adjustment I must check on feed wagon down the road. I may have to make an adjustment in my thinking one of the kids will timely tell when it has been emptied in need more the same ol’ grind?
For the boards sharing my exuberance:
Zip pity do da… ...zip pity yea… Der Cushman's together and running. A few minor adjustments and it'll go to work under my careful directioning and super-vision. AND as equally impotent or more the haying's all done, finished, completed, all over and done come-put with as of evening last.
I got a timing light to work for me upon the Cushman. A sweet running engine it is. Be stubborn the engine is being fursnicty when I try putting it in gear wanting to drive it somewhere/anywhere. Tomorrow I’ll try my luck at a proper timing thinking maybe I’ll be able to idol that engine down so I may time it by the book. Carburetor could be worn out and its one fat chance I shall ever replace it with a new one. It worked alright before overhaul. It’ll be alright again if I have to hammer proper behavior into it.
While putting battery chargers on the Oliver 2150 there was a whole lot of meowing going on in aq handy firewood pile. So taking it home to Frieda it is a lover, loves human foods, and it is already a pain in the derriere settling in.
Good Lawd, a friend of mine come by with news of another Cushman truckster for sale in the neighborhood. Went to give a look-see and bought it. It’s never known to fail it have been an ideal parts donor for my beloved first truckater before I had spent so many serious dollars on it. Oh well, so it goes. As it sets, looks to me as if it’d not take much tinkering to put it upon the road. Could work out to be cheap transportation, as long I keep out of sight the cops, as long I keep it on our back roads… Cops! Sheesh we got three of them in the neighborhood. Now’d be a good time to paint this one up under a generous coat of invisible camel-flogged paint.

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Paula said...

I think Frieda likes cats. People who like cats are good people.