Wednesday, October 27, 2010


…weather blowing all day, not me. Winds blowing so hard I had thoughts fastening my hat on. After I had ruled out screwed screws or hammered nails I elected to use string I couldn’t fine. Just pulling the hat down harder than I usually wear it from time to time kept my hands busier for those now and then free moments particularly after it had blown off a couple times.
Bugged all day being pressured to go out and cut gate posts I objected. I had it in my mind I wanted nothing to do with blowing saw dust whirling about me, maybe even getting some in my eyes. Okay if it helps any I’ll admit to being paranoid. The trees even absented their leaves blown away in just 24hrs those trees still showed me how far they could bend while whipped to and fro. I’m surprised more hadn’t been blown over today.
While it weren’t T-shirt weather for me, I continued to wear the same old raggedy red shirt-tailed garment I had just in time retrieved it out of the trash from where I had thrown it only a couple weeks ago.
I toyed with the Haulster until I had one, run out of a proper electrical wire end. For the second and endearing reason I took an early lunch to get out from under Bro’s nagging. I had had it. And My toy playing time had come to an end As implements had to be moved around and some readied for the winter rye planting.
Tomorrow’s list of involved things to do: pick up meds, purchase some wire ends, find some rope, pick up a few groceries, get back and cut gate posts. I’ll be more comfortable cutting gate posts without saw dust thrown/blown in my face/eyes.
In my travels today I took the opportunity to stop in and see one of my favorite furry buddy’s, Scooby Doo. It was so nice seeing Loopy. It’s been a month and longer since last seeing and staying out her families way making her well again. Gosh she looked good, her coloring improved, her whole being more animated and her eyes brighter than an old graying mare’s. Bottom line a bunch of good folks are much relieved and happier still her health’s improvement.
Late afternoon having done all I could manage short of openly traveling for some purchases to tidily finish what had been undone it was all to early to start anything else. I slipped into the house. Felt like cr__…never mind. I laid down for a few moments under Her Mostess’s urging and slept for all of four whole hours waking up after dark.
Oh boy, tonight's super was stuffed peppers with big healthy beet slices followed with a delicious strawberry shortcake. Yummy.

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Paula said...

You didn't need that sawdust in your eyes with all the trouble you've had. Sometime you just gotta say NO.