Monday, December 20, 2010

The Bells are Ringing

They’ve been coming and going for about that last week. As long as I’ve got to see Doc for my semi-biannual I’ll have to ask him if another antibiotic will help me get them in tune the same as last time. The same medication I’m talking about took care of an ear infection at that time. Wont hoit to ask?
Woke up late after a good sleep, put wood on the fire twice keeping the house toasty warm even for the un-stirring meese should dare be some.
Gotta start WD45 to pull flat rake hay wagon out of a snow drift. Need use it to transport one or two hay rings down to shop for welding repairs. Must also stop by auto parts store for a new ignition resister, as last time when I put a jumper on it for easier starting, The engine had quit each time I had removed that jumper. I’m not going to a happy camper exchanging that cold tractor part. (brrrr) I’m already shivering just thinking about it.
Here’s to my winding down Fall knowing all the leaves I hadn’t raked off my yard are safely helping the new snows keep my yard warm all down under. Well for now anyway.
Spent the entire morning at Doc’s to find out I was fine as far as my fine goes. Frieda’s cholesterol’s a little high. She’s on another medication. Doc wrote hers out, all my renewals were called in. Both of us having fasted I was hungry our going to the corner dinner. While we waited enjoying our coffees, my hand shaking rather vigorously, Frieda suggested, “Why don’t you hold your cup with both hands?“ I answered, “I don’t think I dare. If both hands aren’t synchronized one or both of us may be wearing it?” While Frieda laughed at my discomfort, our food came. Of all things we’d ordered a couple high cholesterol omelets. One of the other of us starts dieting tomorrow.
Knowing the meds wouldn’t be ready for pick-up I chance stopped local junkyard a mile up the road in hopes my seeing my needed quadracycle’s parts sticking out of the snow. Driving, riding, walking, around the scrap yard of all things I found were boo-co bunches of useless fifteen speed parts bikes, and me one near perfectly new ten or fifteen speed bicycle. Oh crud! I took it anyway not for the parts but more liking the field spotted conveyance for those occasions I’m forgotten left to my devices usually upon shanks-mare alternate transportation. Unbelievably all the cables are in good working order. Only one slightly little fault. The front wheel has a wobble in it. That’s okay when I ride a bike any more I’ve been known to wobble all over the roads anyway. As it is these tracks will look perfectly my having passed by this’r’that way.
Bike cheap at half the standard roadside yard sale loaded, we finally picked up our medications. The other end of the single traffic light village I stopped by the auto parts store for ignition resister for the WD45. Bummer, the last one roughly lasted 25years.
Home’s return I had to be off and running for supplements and empty feed wagon. So merely passable the other the 4020JD passing through one of the yards was the only way it’d could come out.
Machines set, tractors running everywhere all them inner dependent making my late day grind as pleasantly possible I could manage. If it wasn’t in the way it was needed to either grind or scrape away a snowdrift do’s I could put the grind’s machinery away. While the JCB required moving it fed the ladies and readied another bale for tomorrow’s feeding while it were on the go anyway, The Ford took the last snow drift in my way away. Lastly I didn’t even have to deliver this last wagon feed load. Bro’ came and got it. He ever gets it right given me a couple days I wouldn’t be the most responsible individual around here anymore, Might say that could take all the shortcomings off my shoulders.
As it has turned out I finished my part of this work day having seen colorful sunset and a spectacular moon rise. This evenings winter air clear and refreshing.

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Paula said...

Oh you and Frieda are a matched pair with your doc appointments and rattlers and tests and all that makes up the life of us rusty agers.