Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bestess News

Friend Susan transported us around today our taking off before 8:30 AM making and keeping all our appointment through getting home by 3: PM. first appointment running a good hour over time, I cell out the second appointment…uh….err….stretching…..fibbing a wee pit it was still worked in our getting there an hour late. The roads were no help The way I’s and sliding, arse feeling one minute maybe a 35 mph safe, hitting rutted ice nice, or even black ice making for some delightful side slipping of drifting sensations. Single digit temperatures do nothing in assisting road gripping melt in my book. What w need is some old fashioned power house cinders or iron and coal over burden broad cast on our heavily traffic fancy roads.
Backing the taxi up during our visit the Genesis Hurley Cancer Institute, paper work turned, shown, to specious cubical, preliminaries taken care of, A few moments wait and we (Frieda0 was seen by a very handsome young doctor. His asking some interesting questions it weren’t long before he announced she was in good health. Her red and white corpuscle counts were within the guidelines accompanying the medications she was on. Leaving us alone for a few more minutes another very distinguished doctor walked in, Frieda even telling him so (that’s my girl). He ate it up and treat Frieda like a lady of stature. He ask more the same question the younger doctor had plus a couple or more his own. He them summed up Frieda’s breathing problems, which included some the effects her cpak’s involvement in her breathing problem.
My sitting by the side listening these physicians pretty well had Fried’s life, habits, and living right down to a “T.” The treatment or consultation over with the physicians they treated us to lunch. I’ve got ot tell Doc George about this turn of events. (hehehehe) Oh boy! Have ever got him!
Two extremely happy campers come this day.

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Paula said...

Sounds like going to the doctor was almost fun for you two.