Friday, December 10, 2010

Almost caught up

I need to make a couple /three appearances around/about some boards for all Frieda’s heart warming Anniversary Happy Wishes. So busy around here we didn’t even get away from here for what we usually like to do, an Anniversary breakfast.
Well, the snows may come now if they’ve a Mother Nature’s mind set to do so. I have closely managed to cut and/or split all the wood that had been in my way of getting to the drier cured firewood’s. The rest of the windfalls may have my Winter’s attention. Only before then there’s a truckster load down in the barn to bring up and bring in plus another still un-piled on the ground.
For my after hours quadracycle kick I need to find another junked ten speed bicycle for a crank sprocket. Need to put some sandpaper in my pocket for pre-preparatory cleaning the jack shaft rod. I found my bike engine. I’ve been near stepping over it almost on it every time I enter the shop’s service door. There it has just been uselessly sitting less than three yards from that entry for the last eleven years.
Damn it. My neck continues sore. I don’t know what to make of it? Becoming hader and harder to look around (turn my head). I started out five/six days ago with cold packs twice a day, morning and evening. Not seeming to work I switched to heat packs (heating pad) last couple nights. Now back to the cold pack. Nothings working. Even the Tylenol taking is working/wearing thin. I’m about to drop five valiums in three jiggers of Jamaican Rum and down it. I’m sure it be no cure. But I’d no longer hoot care!
Made an opps. Frieda isn’t knitting her blankets, she’s crocheting them.
Be damned if the old nag hadn’t kept it up long enough to bagger me right in to DOC’s office for hearing relief. Old Woman, bah!. Some x-rays. Three pictures I could even see and appreciate the problems in my neck’s bones. There they were clearly seen by both of us all manner and formations of spurs all over my vertebrae. The cartridge between a coupe of the base vertebrae was entirely gone. Next week my semi annual coming up I am to fast the beginning’s an evening before re-going to his office. He mentioned possible talk of an egg, and/or MRI. Here I go through the aging mill. Doc’s also concerned about my lack of strength. Oh fudge are we going to take another trip down the line of written possibilities I must give up?
A Hell of a busy day I’ve no mind to set the rest of it down.
Meany while, I’ve got to find a comfortable position for finding some sleep.

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Paula said...

John always wants me to turn around and look to see if anyone is coming when he pulls out. I tell him I don't have an owl neck. Hope your's feels better soon.