Sunday, December 12, 2010

Promises, promises,

We’re 'sposed to get anywhere from 5">12"snow. All that we've gotten up here thus far we'd have to sweep it together to measure it. Everthing's in good shape and ready for whatever’s dished up. We've jugs of water saved for washing, coffee and drinking (if you ain't dirty), juices galore, canned goods of every description including tomatoes and fruits, dehydrated raisins, tinned and frozen meats, breads in the freezer, beans, cheeses, eggs, flour, sugar, noodles, honey, maple syrup, spices galore, canned milk, plus oodles and oodles of things forgotten. We can cook on the parlor wood stove (camp coffee pot's sitting ready right behind it) or the kitchen gas range. The foyers staked to the ceiling with wood plus a half a rick stake what could substitute for a room divider in the living area. This was last night.
This what I looked out to this morning.
On immediate emergency supplies diesel oil, kerosene, lamp gas. And Greene needs refueling. That’s got to be updated today or tomorrow. Motor oils need checking.
We’ve a many book to read from history, fantasy, friction, motor and equipment repair manuals should we loose power and cable.
Ah-hmm, as usual the 90 hp class snow-blower hasn’t been repaired again this year. But the back blade for the little Ford’s attachment stands ready to mount (must have some fun in the snow). I’ve three tux’s, two pair rubber chore boots, four or five stocking caps, two dozen pair gloves, AND clean underwear consisting of socks and shorts just in case emergency hostile ER medical visits are required.
By 3:00 PM this afternoon, in my kindness I had furnished Her Mostess a seat in front of the wood stove to keep the firebox loaded. When she needed a breather I’ve let her put together a chicken casserole a-baking on the woodstove. While Her Mostess has been busy keeping the woodstove fed I’ve also allowed her time to make some baking powder biscuits, to go with the chicken and later’s shortcake. Keeping her busy I’ve had three different drinks I been sipping, sampling, and swilling keeping me company most the day while I cruised the E-net for more old fashioned home remedies. Holy Smokums, there sure is a load of info out there.
Might say I’m rather glad this was taken care of day before yesterday.
The good looking lady far left, Grace, stayed with my from beginning to end throughout the whole ordeals thawing out process.
As for outdoors goings-on’s when I did my chores inventorying between 2”&3” measurable snow, Plus I’ve no idea the depth some very horizontal snow with a bite to it. Ah yes, life is good.
Frieda commented on observing my continued new found women acquaintances, “As you keep getting older, Old Man, all the women you meet keep getting younger.” I told her, “I certainly hope so. I’d hate to see them all born old ladies!”
From my Shorthorn country to your country…

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Paula said...

You all sound prepared. Been through this before, huh? We wouldn't know what to do but guess we would have to learn if it came a snow storm here. Burrrr it looks cold.