Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12-14-2010 Double nickel this AM moment

6:30 AM
Morning temps -5* wind-chill at 5* actual factual. Winds quiet for the moment’s a big help. Herr Clink trying to organize this morning’s activities, I’ve The fire breathing dragon in the dungeon given needed a kick In the ass encouragement to get started this morning’s come to life. I’ve started the laundry in an adjacent cell down there to give that dragon even a simple measure of company. All this to help keep the water arteries open. Doing her best to get under foot she starts carting trash around the house as if it were some priceless treasure then complained when I asked her to take care of the cats sand box. I’ve tied the packaged trash bags up in pretty brown sisal twine nicely contrasting with the greens and whites bag gift wrappings that’ll eventually thrill the landfill. In slippers I trumped down the snow drifted over the deck and steps just a knowing where I had left one remaining tin ash bucket left. The stove ash cleared still warming the house from an exalted position a top the wood stove to continue radiating almost well spent warmth, I’ve butt a few more things to going outdoors’s.
Still needing to redress, to get my ash and trash out of the house, I’ve got to truck my behind down to the barn and back twice likely via shanks-mare wit my kind of snow shovel, power cord, and battery booster, in hopes all this preparatory effort will assist the Greene’s start for me this morning.
I’ll be back
7:50 AM
Gone down to the barn. Cats delighted to see me. I plugged the JCB in, then commenced to drag the battery booster through the drifts up along side Greene. Three tries Greene’s sputtering’s are getting longer yet the mechanical beast has continued refusal to start. Looking for a gallon of alcohol, I must have left it in the shop for refilling measured amounts the stuff into easier to handle little bottles. Grand. That’s a big help my alcohol there me here. Undaunted I searched our medicine cabinet. Found a whole bottle rubbing alcohol sacrificing half of it for the cause. Everything taken care of as far as I may go things should start to happen in about a couple hours. Meanwhile even the little Ford and hooking on the back blade an also wait until I’ve had a couple hours to warm up enough to go….again. Excuse now me while I thaw.
1:00 PM
At two hour intervals I have tried starting Greene without success. Now I suspect the starter’s froze. Oh well! Seeing’s as how I ain’t gonna make it into Doc’s office again today. Lets eat!!!!!! And so in as much as I’m we’re not going anywhere I been trying to promote a little spiritual loven, and had absolutely not gotten anywhere. (sigh) But then caught up as a shut in I can’t be blamed for trying.
Shucks, It’d be a darn good time to go fishing if it were ice enough and Greene were a willing runner.
2:00 AM the 15th
Wakey wakey, Up to haul water and throw a couple more logs on the fire.
Thinking I’ve got to bring I some more slabbed ash firewood.. It burns like cardboard only being of more substance lasts longer to dry some of the damp sorry firewood I cut up last week. The to old firewood having absorbed some dampness make for a longer last although not as hot a fire as the thoroughly dried wood. Our choices of woods to burn has worked out rather nicely the damp stuff lasting long we haven’t had to rebuild a fire this entire frigid week of Yukon weather blasting the hot fires of Hell out of us. Anybody want the 4th July back? Well, you can’t have it yet. So enjoy it as it layering it on. Like remember when you couldn’t take any more off. (big cheesy grin)

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