Monday, December 13, 2010

Not real sure….

......what meds I may or may not take before seeing Doc this morning?
6:00 AM
I've trimmed my rattlers down to the bare essentials. All two of them until I make it home again.
Looks like I'll be taking Frieda out fur breakfast. Thinking self, this's another operatoonity to look good in Herr Clink's eyes.
Most schools closed around here, some public offices closed, PLUS (get this) some roads closed.
What wimps, I see barely 2" snow here. I know there some small snow drifts about the out-buildings and drives. Windchill factor 5* to 15* below 0*. Some places these temps are for real. I'd say regardless the early date, Winter is here.
Frieda and I are oh so glad we haven’t an East wind.
Michigan’s west Lake Michigan side and thumb areas under (Great Lakes effect) blizzard warnings.
When we return home I need to figure out how to thaw out outbuildings locks.
9:00 AM
Well, as it turned out, Greene refused to start. I never got out of the driveway. Appointment with Doc is postponed until tomorrow.
11:00 AM
Thinking about how I was going to feed the ladies earlier than usual meant starting the JCB must be earlier than later. The JCB which may be very stubborn these sort of days it’d be better I start at starting it earlier than at to sorrily a much to later.
Thought about heating the barn door key with the same lighter I used to us to lite my cigs. So cussed windy couldn't keep the flame lit long enough to burn my fingers let alone warm a key.
Next plan was to break into barn else where liking a door I had just nailed better shut this very last month. Now, wouldn't ya know, I had locked all my tools inside the same barn to boot.
No hammer in truck as I normally keep one, I had to borrow the woodstove poker to try and get in. It worked. JCB's now plugged in. Will give it a go in about an hour and a-half. One good thing out all this, I had parked that skid-steer close enough the barn with in the battery booster's reach. Looked like the day'd continue to be a fun one.
Sure as it seemed I wasn’t going anywhere Frieda made up a batch her corny cakes with snausage. I’m also back to sipping my vinegar/cherry juiced elixir. All’s good around the woodstove.
11:30 AM
Weather out here is something else. Three inches snow on the level I've got drifts over my knees in places, specially around the skid-steer.
Ah the fun. I love it. ;-)
Oh yeah, seeing as I hadn't made into the barn yesterday to feed the cats, they were ecstatic seeing me today.
1:00 PM
The JCB started without a boost. I ruined a cap not knowing if I may save it for next summers use or not. To soon to tell. Found myself up against a second one. To move it, I poked it and abandoned it in driveway until we experience any sort of a heat wave. Even 20* above 0* it’d be nice.
2:15 PM
Back in house shoes pried off. Needed Frieda’s assistance pealing my socks off. Then she wont let me park them on her belly as I did fifty some yrs ago. Does this mean he honeymoon is over?
2:30 PM can’t find a single thing to motivate my domestic usefulness around here? Maybe fet dry enough to don warm woolen socks. I sure could use a pr of fuzz-wuzzy slippers. Not sure I wrote him if the big guy up at the North Pole could make me a pair in time?
And, sipping my VC concoction alone with cold what was hot earlier hot tea.
7:30 PM
Bro’ giving me a ride I’ve been down the road to assist him with his chores. Removed a live trapped raccoon we’ve been after for close to the last couple months. A prime pelt this bore, it ought to bring a good price. I’ve had my supper, finishing dessert and my Glucosamine intake before assuming my all night fast all over again.
In addition Frieda’s made a phone call canceling any home delivery for tomorrow. I can’t argue with Greene getting it started, mount the plow on tractor, clear driveway, clean of ramp, and keep Doc appointment all at the same time. Then when I’m done with these needs, fuel Greene, and checkout scrap yard for bike part as long as I’m within that same mile.
Damn, I’ve got some serious snow drifts to negotiate come morning bringing the battery booster up from the barn for my determined Greene truck‘s start. Night.

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Paula said...

Hope you can take Frieda out for breakfast tomorrow then the honeymoon won't be over I bet.