Friday, December 3, 2010

In Crisis

Somewhere around 32* this AM. Sun’s shining looking like a great day to be alive SAM.
What the H___ I settled into the shop, at least for a little while. I put in some time on the Haulster getting nowhere trying to sort out the damaged wiring harness. After about an useless hour finding no easy solution I gave it up to work on something else.
Hey, I took a renewed interest in the AzzKicker. Looked it over, found another black two bushel tub to invert and use portions of it for pattern tracings my cutting out some blockings for making some sort of a locking the AzzKickers top and bottom halves together. The blocks cut and drilled for screws they’re ready for my attention later. Getting well onto lunch time I cut out for home.
Thinking lunch and looking to my choices I had found I had used the last of my tea. While I cataloged a mental shopping list I found me some left over Chili made with beans. The whole menu was to also include baked apples, a roll or two (my choice), and apple juice for a chaser. I shouldn’t have any problem with my get up and go come morning. I also found we’d no more than a pint of milk left in a jug. Then trying to dish it all up paper plates had become a real premium find. I’d found I had a real crisis brewing. Out of Tea, short on paper plates, an nowhere near enough milk to go along with peanut butter on crackers late night snack. And I had only forgotten once what I was doing all morning. Other than perhaps my deciding to go to store, I knew I also needed a bottle Ocuvite for maintaining my one remaining eye’s good health. OMG, I’d discovered I had slacked and sunken my soul into a crisis mode.
Other than going to store, I’m planning on having stuffed peppers for supper. I wonder if chocolate ice-cream will go with hamburger, rice, pepper, and tomato sauce. Yum! Hey, I got to have something to look forward to!
Dinner out of my way I put the Loftness brush chopper hydraulics back together. While it’s together it didn’t finish up in the same way as it was when I taken it apart. But what counts it’ll work again without a leak. Returning to the shop I tried putting the Azzkicker together, finding it quite difficult without the proper screws. And remembering some the differences in the manual brake cables I’d saved in the machinery shed down over the hill, I brought another one up and out into my light of day.
Still needing those groceries I decided to run over to the Crossroads so that I could buy the needed wood screws. Marketing I remembered most my list and then some. A few snackers on sale I got ma boss her’s first and mine off the next shelf down. Adding oat bread to my basket I sure enough forgot my ice-cream. Fore shame, my forgetting my ice-cream. Oh well, I’ll survive.
Going to the hardware store I managed to trade the purchased ¼” yoke of a couple days ago for an 8MM yoke today. Then I forgot the flippen wood screws. It’s a good thing I’m home and settled in for the night. Three forgetful’s making my day I’m where any more are covered by only an all-night snooze away. So, I get to go over to the Crossroads again tomorrow for my screws, chocolate ice-cream, and the darned cats demanded tuna fish. This is what I get for not conferring with the pussy cats. Argh!
Asking Her Mostess if she remembers? She does. I suggested I find her a bottle of Cold Duck I’ll leave the whole thing to her enjoyment. She countered she rather I find her some Seagram’s Fuzzy Navels. I’m, I’ll see? Lastly, one thing good had come of my busy day. I’d moved out ahead of my back aches leaving them behind. (snicker)

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