Saturday, December 11, 2010

A pain’s free quest

Heard of an old home remedy’s help with or for enduring or something of a cure? My research has already intrigued me, my just hearing about it. Here it is…..
Seems a much younger man I’ve just made an acutance(?) a couple times, He spoke of a by gone neighbor. It seems there was this older gentleman who had enjoyed his tractor and the hours he had spent upon it Spring plowing his neighbors garden plots until is hands had become so gnarled, bent, crooked, and pained. His wife regimented campaigned to help rid her husband his discomfort. So, it was she hade him down one teaspoon apple cider vinegar with a couple tablespoons grape juice in a glass of water the rest of his life. When he died some years later at the age of 86 yrs, he was supposed to have been pain free.
With this information I consulted with Doc and my Pharmacist. Doc had said something about the acidic acid in the vinegar was an anti-inflammatory perhaps of some help in relieving pain. Checking with the Pharmacist he had said the same thing. He further went on to say he found no benefit from the grape juice other than it being a great source of iron.
Taking my Quest to the internet, OMG, did I ever find a wealth of information to wit I found acceptable adults may use un-pasteurized apple cider vinegar. What I have been able to ascertain the correct mixture and usage follows: one teaspoon un-pasteurized apple cider vinegar, one glass water. Mix them together and sip at it all day. Near as I can figure the grape juice acts as a more tasteful ingredient to help the original recipe go down easier.
Only pasteurized apple cider vinegar is safe for children. Also being pasteurized its properties effectiveness may be less than expected for home remedy use.
Next! Damned food and drug administration people have likely made (labeled) genuine (un-pasteurized) apple vinegar illegal and dangerous to my health. This sadly puts a monkey wrench in my research. It could well take me over a year to make a batch of the what I might presume in now an illegal substance.
GD, not even started, I’m beginning to feel like a pot smoker being denied my choice of pain relief.
An I net check for cider mills I learn of one some 12 miles WSW of us. We took a ride to find me a gallon of un-pasteurized apple cider. We found sour cherry juice for Frieda’s bouts with gout. And a bag of donuts I tried hiding from Her Mostess for myself. Having a lovely time finding our purchases along with learning they’ll custom grind and crush for me ten gallons Delicious apples (un-pasteurized) I’m going to be back come next fall. Frieda wants me to make her some bubbly apple wine. Now if I could manage to get three five gallon pails blueberries for back home, I could promote another string of good time evening’s. I like it also. This also means I’d better be washing bottles and bottling some twelve gallons grape wine. I’ve then will have five or six five gallon water bottles cleaned and ready to go.
Mid afternoon break. To get here I had to run a pair hotter spark plugs. Finally started acting as it’ll keep itself going thus I unloaded the Truckster parked again the deck. Seemed like only moments to unload once all was going as it should. Coming to lay Truckster’s sparkplugs upon the wood stove, I had asked Frieda if she’d find me a pound of triple “FG” and a shoelace. Was a good thing the machine took running again in good time, Frieda having chose to ignore me. The buggy emptied into house I declared coffee time. Sitting down I was supposedly wetter than a twosome showered lover. I be back.
My wanting to finish my wood gathering this day, the new sparkplugs installed, I-carrumba, the Cushman started immediately and was raring to go. What a difference a pair of hotter sparkplugs made. The machine leaped forward with an energy I had never known it to have ever mustered. So strong, acceleration so quick, so positive, wanting know if this were real or a fluke I took it out on the road running it a half mile west. OMG! What acceleration, I’d judge I was doing 45 mph before I had passed out from in front of the farm. OMG! I hit a couple potholes hard bouncing the front end clear of the road. As quickly as the machine had gain its limited speed today it was just as quickly about to go out of total control. My hands were full, hold the wheel, decelerate, keep it on the road. Turning around I drove a darn sight slower than I had left.
The last of the firewood loaded and toted in I wasn’t through just yet. A forecast 5” to a 12” snow supposedly on the way I took some time to tidy up Greene loading the non-necessities onto the Truckster. Putting trash in its place, returnable bottles in theirs, odds and ends kindling saved, a piece of tarp folded up for use another day, chains dry bucketed and towed inside Greene I finally got around to put the Cushman away, and thankfully I hadn’t had to bad a day. A half hour day light left It was my time to come home.
Oddly, while I was typing this in the last fading twilight of the evening’s beginning Frieda and I listened to the roll and clap of thunder. Maybe we may just get some snow. That’s alright! I’m ready.

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Paula said...

Fernan you're getting to be a regular M.D. I learn so much from your blog.