Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Yesterdays rush, big push, my try to stay ahead of the immediate weather, almost caught up, as late as last night’s eleventh hour. It hasn’t rained a drop on Shorthorn country as predicted. It’s getting to where should a weather imaginatior ever get it right I’d pass all my allegiances over to Santa Claus. At least that grand old elf has never given me a Shorthorn country bum-steer.
Okay I’d forgotten to changed the kitties sand box but by the same token I had managed to catch up the laundry. My excuse? I’m only one man!
Oh Lawd, Tomorrow’s the new start for another December month. Where oh where has my lifetime gone. December First tomorrow it’s the bitter reminder the countdown two the day of my demise. That up coming day marks the memory the low down accomplished vamping of my soul to the point I gave away my freedom in memory of a basic black cocktail dress in navy blue teasingly worn over the fringes of white lace. The colleen knew exactly what she was doing orchestrating my demise institutionalizing me with no hope of reprieve all my unnatural life. (sniff)(sob) She was so drop dead beautiful, gorgeous. Yes, she had vamped me alright and had magically kept me on the edge all these many years.
Here and now early morn it is 41* under deeply cloudy skies. The weather jerkimers are still predicting rain showers for today changing to snow showers this evening.
Finally out and about, I put the second hay feeder ring (repaired) back together. Fed the ladies two bales this time. This’ll most likely have me saving chore time feeding the ladies once a day. And oh, we’ve had some jerkermer rain as forecast. The barnyard creek is running full up the banks. That’s good they get it right once in a while to renew my confidence in them.
Needing cat food I decided to waste some gasoline to purchase same in Clio. I also wanted to order some fantasy parts for the quadracycle’s making. Being a rainy day it’d suffice even for a short drive. (hehehehe)
Drive-ride update:
We moseyed over to Clio. 1st stop the Senior Citizen Center where we picked up several skeins of yarn for Frieda’s projects for roughly 70% off. That was a very useful bargain stop. 2nd stop Aco hardware was shopping opportunity for both of us; Frieda for her yarn, myself for hardware for either Cushman or quadracycle parts. Frieda came away empty handed, I found me a “U”bolt for Cushman. 3rd stop another hardware store for my seeking a yoke for Cushman governor linkage. This stop provided me with an identifying term (Yoke) for the wanted hardware part. Our 4th stop we were in the TSC parking lot. My pockets filled with varied parts, I had entered the store, grabbed a cart and on my way to the service counter I picked up a bag cat food. While I needed the cat food I was primarily looking for drive train parts for the quadracycle. Before we were all through every TSC store employee was involved in my parts search. We all had a good time. Seemed none of them wanted to miss my involvements, me dialogue my crazy hobbies(?). Anyway, I walked out with more money spent on parts than I had originally intended to even purchase at this time that included one special order sprocket. No luck here either for Cushman part, however, I was directed to another merchant, an the ATV dealer including parts and service stop. Hitting the road following the directions we never found the place. We did pass through a couple little rain showers. Why I even stopped for an unmanly asking for more directions some eight miles already traveled. An instructed change in direction gained me (us) nothing. But we had a splendid dark rainy day drive around a big-a block which eventually brought us nearing home right through the Crossroads and by Ralph’s hardware store. Ah what the heck! I had made other stops. One more stop couldn’t hoit! Barely inside making ask, Ralph directed son to back room. Walla, and there they were, a whole box full of them. I selected the yoke closest to what I needed. I was near tickled blue. Anybody else I’ll allow pink. But for meself its blue.
We had had a nice ride (drive) about our county even covering a couple roads I couldn’t remember when nor even if I‘d seen them before. It was good getting back home. A day so condemnably dreary of all the rotten luck we were an hour early for my rattlers. With little improvement I fell into an hour’s nap waking up still later for taking my medicine. Aside from the weather and pain there of I’ve had a fair day. Holy Sham-moo, I’ve got to get it together tomorrow for sure.

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