Friday, November 5, 2010


Dream’s, what do they mean? I’ll never forget one catastrophic dream that had involved me, that dream putting my life’s existence on the edge of survival having dreamt it three times the last time three days before it had actually happen Labor Day 1998, only it was my brothers life put in jeopardy when he lost a limb I a home-made chopper accident.
This last week I’ve had another repeated dream. I’m involved swinging a hammer in a very restrictive place having to do with something refusing to move either going together or coming apart. From aside my activity it might have looked like I had either lost the hammer it slipping from or thrown by my hand in disgust bouncing and clanking like across a concrete floor. Nothing nor nobody was hurt although some question was raised as was the act intentional or an accident.
Oddly enough while nobody else was with me to see it. Frieda was sitting inside the truck, her only help my traveling companion otherwise, keeping me on the road driving on the ball. It was while putting the trucks together as a single road’s traveling unit I was using a hammer my trying to persuade a bolt stubbornly failing to go through a series of holes for one bolt’s eventual pivoting motion to hold the whole thing together. Well, I didn’t have much room to swing a hammer in an upward motion, And I lost it slipping from my hand, not going far, looking like it was bouncing upon a crushed limestone covered driveway.
Oddly enough for another again, concrete is made from finally crushed limestone and fired to make cement which is a concrete ingredient. I’m wondering if my dream and our truck motoring episodes are relative? Just the same I’m watching myself the next few days having a couple very difficult gate posts to replace once or when I’ve an assistant’s help. This new work scene involves lots of infection potential rusty wire for hide scratching peeling back some ugly woven fence. A wire fence needing saving as hopefully next year we may bury a bigger, more or higher stronger PSI water line. That project will also include relocated water fountains and total replacement a couple critical fences with new.
Thinking about it. I aught to just replace the fencing and peel it back for the new water line when it’s actually done.
Damn! A critical repair today lumped together with another involves a couple repair in the cattle sorting pens down by (by, in, under the lower barn roofs). Vet’s coming out to pregnancy check the ladies. These acts can determine who’ll continue staying around or getting an all expense paid trip to the live stock exchange social. Oh crap. A hammer’s required again?
For our yesterday dual trucking adventure, passing through the town Vassar, Mich. They’ve already gotten their civic Christmas decorations up. Am I moving slower or is the world moving faster? Is this civic or commercial ploy suggesting it’s time I get in a Christmas mood sooner then the later when I was a kid.
I remember as a kid Christmas preparations slowly started right after Thanks Giving slowly building up to speed the last couple weeks before Christmas. I remember shopping was always the most fun in-on the snow. Frieda and I married in the snow, shopping with her-for her in the snow was a gas. Newly weds in December snow covered fresh daily the entire holiday season no stage could have been more perfectly set for two young lovers. Out on the town her wearing smile behind rosy cheeks, he a walking tall boy turned going broke dressing her gentleman. How I liked watching her modeling this’n’that for me, my choosing for her, her married wardrobe. She’s enjoyed wearing for me all the selections I had-have chosen for her. She has indeed been a pleasure to dress and undress for over a half century.
By myself some challenging rigging and blocking I replaced what’s ordinarily difficult bolt in a combination pen/squeezing gate down in the barns chute complex. I also re-nailed a barn door opening shut that was supposed to be another avenue to a someday inside working shoot plus a couple indoor pens.
Got to work fences the kids had plowed out this last month. One of them little jobs needing done before the ground freezes. Reminds me I had better set my “Postings“, and perhaps this winter’s needed temporary close in fence posts.
Having fixed the squeeze-sorting gate I had noticed somebody-everybody had failed to tell me the alley leading into the chutes were coming apart one of the cattle panels already badly bent. Shucks, everything I needed was in the shop. I tried calling Handy, to see if he needed ride for anything over at the crossroads? No answer. Non the less I stopped. Seems his mother is in dire need of a phone ear rectumy. Knocking on the doors, all afar. I got him just before he’d slipped their supper into the oven. He came along for whatever ride I had in mind. WE stopped by the shop, my digging out more tools and fence fixing materials before going on. Once we got there I mailed out a couple manuals somebody wanted more than me. Got milk, and gassed up Greene. On way back one more stop for forgotten bolt cutters. Knowing that bent cattle panel was going to defeat 90% of any attempt on my part to fix anywhere near right, I quickly volunteered Handy’s help. I’ll bet we weren’t 15 minutes stapling it all back onto a railroad tie post, then took him home. Thanks again, Handy! Boy! What extra hand can accomplish!!! Getting back again I wired some more wire, drove a few more staples enough, the fence is better than it was, was about to really fall apart.
After noon turning into evening my ears feeling the evening chill, the time was close enough to call. Besides I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of if I had a time card. While the day was cloudy it was still a good one in my book.

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