Friday, November 26, 2010

Some pictures

These snap shots were taken last week. I’ve been that long trying to load them to my journal ever since them. What has taken me so long to get them here, Photobucket the picture server I use had changed their picture keeping, moving, bringing them up formats. It is only this evening I accidentally got a second one of them to come up. The second picture wasn’t much easier. However, when it did happen I understood how I had moved the first one. The third photo was real snap. So here I go……………

Oh rats!
Here is one. Our dear Sweetheart has undoubtedly put this vermin character down. This was the west side (other side) of my driveway. Look at the size of this bugger.
What isn’t pictured are the three mice she’d left lifelessly laying on the nearer side of the drive. Sweetheart can be one busy unkind of a cat.

A couple deer taken this last Sunday out back.
The taker of these had shot the four pointer and while he waited his twenty minutes before going down to check on it the eight pointer com walking along. As long as he had a second tag, he harvested the eight pointer as well.
Then while he was field dressing these two out a third buck, bigger than the first two put together, no tag’s left he had to let the big twelve pointer go.

This photo was taken from inside the JCB skid-steer as I was coming up out of the hay yard.
This lady is one of several smart arsed opportunists. My clearing the fence gate, I had to hustle getting out closing sure the hay-yard to her.

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Adirondackcountrygal said...

I bet the hunter was kicking himself in the butt for filling his tags. Oh well, after all its not about the racks is it? LOL