Monday, November 15, 2010

State Holiday

Today's the opening of firearms deer season.
I'm afraid I'm going to pass on this morning's opening exercises.
I haven't that once youthful energy to take on the early morning witchuals to face all the elements.
One good thing about this decision, one more Bambi has been spared. Well, I at least come up with one good mature reason for staying home.
Oh Lawd, such a beautiful day under cloudy day temps starting out at 35*. Not to bad for a body either sitting on a stump or perched in a tree. Sorry guy’s I’ll not miss the snow we haven’t yet gotten.
Nice weather is my opera-tune-itty to finish up a several outdoor projects on varied outbuildings and fences.
It’s alright, I’ve come close to averaging winter’s venison in the freezer. It’s alright, I’ve the vivid memories what can’t be taken away for so many fun time seasons. It’s alright, I remember my first hunt as well as some exceptionally memorable hunts since that beginning; my excitement my first year/kill, Frieda going with me our first married year, and later the kids going with on later hunts.
Then there are the after-hours memory lane. (Particularly after the children had all gone to bed our early years.) Twenty some skins bagged and stored away for some memory savings years it had come the day I wanted to do something useful with or out of them. My choice was some fun buckskin clothing. My own were the easiest: regardless the simplicity the shirt and the complexity the leggings and loin covering. Butt, while I was seeing what I could do with those skins my outfit was actually an easy make for myself. On the other hand, or as it was in both hands on the pleasurable subject the activity could not have been called work. Her project, my projecting Frieda’s skins took a many an evening hands on fittings. Her Mostess’s lovable a-natural mannequin-ing taking a lot out of me again and again livelily taking part in fitting Frieda her deer skin parts. As I remember it was a wonder I had ever finished her buckskins our togethered workings in front of the heat of a cozying fireplace. (sigh) I’ll admit it literally took a sums of time longer to assemble her out fitting just right. So it’s only natural and all oh so alright that I remember a many those after-dark evening’s times.
So! I've got to leave.....
....the State's Opening firearms dear hunting season to the younger generations. No longer may I see my rifle's sights. No longer will I chance falling off a tree perch better left to the birds. No longer will I sit and absorb the morning cold what inevitably settles in my arthritic joints making just rising and walking back out of the woodlots unnecessarily painful. Sadly, I’ll inevitably let my eyes water as I make my morning’s tea. I pray in my fashion for a safe hunt for all who participate.
Having not even gone a-field, so to speak, inventory taken, I was on the road for the Crossroads. I needed some assorted hardware supplies, milk for the home fridge and as I noticed once underway Greene needed a petrol drink. Gasoline price had dropped from $3.00 this weekend past to just $2.80 this very AM. Milk at a $1.99, plus a couple items down the candy and soda pop isles it cost me to $51.00 to get out of the super market. Sheesh! The dollar just doesn’t go as far as it used to!
Lunch time by the time I got back I had some chicken fixed under a sweet and sour sauce, brown rice, and some what I’d guess was supposed to be wok stir cooked vegetables. I put some soy sauce on the rice. Then ate the whole tasty concoction kind-a stirred together being a wholly different eatened treat.
Clean up can take so irritatingly long. I’m referring to tidying up or better yet completing the finishing touches to what I had started and left uncompleted yesterday. Well, I’ve used the afternoon swinging the garden gate (only four foot wide). Wrenched some lag screws through the planks what had only been nailed temporary like to temporarily hold the first post I (we) reset yesterday. With my Estwing Hammer I happily drove a few more staples into the old fence wire.
Okay, I didn’t get much done today. And it isn’t looking any to promising for tomorrow. Doc had called and demands a commanded Frieda’s appearance in his presents tomorrow. That’ll shoot the morning. Now I hope I’ve enough materials to keep me busy up there around those same fences and that barn tomorrow.
Gosh it gets to be about 4:00PM its time to get around to either doing the chores or putting the outdoor tools away. 5:00 PM this afternoon (or evening) I was walking up to the house in the twilight zone, and the days are only going to get shorter yet over the next five more weeks.
Now isn’t this just grand. I was going to write about something else (a new topic likely) and I can not for the life of me remember what is was. So!

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