Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Was a Good Day

A full morning of machine time before hated lunch. Surprisingly I didn’t dump it this afternoon having eaten it for lunch. I dislike tuna fish sandwitches. One of these days I’ve just plainly have got to quit making them!
Spent my afternoon up at the barn eradicating all the damaged portions the slide-by tracked front doors. I’d like to put them back together tomorrow. I’ll see? I even got around to beating the rear barn door gate into submissive the hinges fitting once again easily taking the closuring hinged pins.
Worst part of my day was my hitting my wall by the PM changed 3:30 time. (grumble-grumble) Retiring down to the shop to tidy up Greene’s load and perhaps play with the Haulster for a few minutes< was punished baby sitting (for the lack of a better term for it) my Brother handing him either this or that plus holding for a moment some thing somewhere. “Hold this.“ “Hand it back.” Just what I wanted to do. My left knee grumbling so painfully I had to earlier give up tidying up lugging away some temporary cattle handling gates from in front the barn. All I wanted to do was tidy up Greene and quietly sit contemplating the Haulster’s electrical starting problem? I want to hear it run! And most of all I wanted to do it restfully sitting down, to also let some of my back pain go away.
Frieda needing (wanting) eggs, Handy having called need some medication for his Mom I picked him up for the Crossroads. Dropping Handy off I hit the hardware ordering me some plates for securing a few corners those barn doors. Back at the grocery store for Her Mostess’s eggs brown eggs were half the price of white eggs! What? A few months ago eggs were retailing the other way around price wise. Now I wonder if I did good getting the brown eggs. Some folks say the brown ones are tastier. Me, I don’t know? They all taste about the same to me when I’ve blackened any egg with enough black pepper. ;^)


Paula said...

I like the way you all do things for each other. It was that way in the small town I grew up in. It it is somewhat that way here but not as much. One younger neighbor man called me twice while John was gone to see if I was okay. I appreciated it so much.

Donna said...

Don't like tuna? How about peanut butter?
Brown eggs and white eggs taste the same. The important thing is that they are farm fresh.