Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Snakes, animals, such

Been talk over the net about killing snakes and eating lately. I’ve got to make one-something perfectly clear first. My dad put it to me stress the fact that I wasn’t to kill anything I weren’t going to eat. While there are a many different philosophies covering lives and deaths I once…a-err…twice seen him break his own rule. Both times I seen him do it in or on a dump site (one those places some many folk at one time use to dispose of their trash. I saw him actively drop his philosophy with a strong forked stick the forks but mere stubs using that stick around about a (get this) a non existent Michigan rattler (there’s been spread some untruth about Michigan ain’t got no rattlers, told for to long a time). One them snakes was just a little ways south of where I’m living here upon, one them once upon a time, TWP dump’s near Royal Oak, Mich.. Boy was he ever mad at it telling me to stay away while he performed his killing deed. Oh tes, that slippery creature had the renown rattlers. While that was once, there was a second time when after we had all picked up and moved back Michigan’s west side to where my folks remembered their best growing up times, Dad did it again only that time it was upon a private dump site down in our farms wooded ravine. The place a existed a heavily clay lined oil drillers sludge pit. Yup, it was another forked stick and pocket knife with which he preformed his murderous deed. The head cut off, the rattlers saved to dry, the only next honest thing he didn’t do again, he had neglected to bring the middle that snake home for eating. It may be he hadn’t heard those creatures were good eating. But, then again, why were those slippery snakes homesteading dumpsites as they had. Could it have been they were doing what was in Mother Nature’s plan they help mankind ridding those places where vermin they attract multiply.
The farm crops harvested off the fields, leaves fallen off most (save the oaks) trees, deer in the rut, hunters in the woodlots and fields wild life is on the move. I’ve had to slow it down this road between the farms never knowing when a deer or more will jump out. I also have to laugh for as I was planting to the north end that field, some fifteen turkeys having strutted out upon that field, realizing they weren’t alone, when seeing me the whole lot immediately crouched, and as like slinking, lowered themselves as if making themselves invisible and shyly hurried to the far side the field as they saw it. Animals are so entertaining wild or domestic. The new calico kitten we’ve taken in is an entertainment committee all by herself. Perplexed, we still haven’t found a name for her she either likes or responds to.
The rye planted…..Nobody healthy enough to go with to bring home new truck. Frieda putting life in my hands. We're going after it tomorrow, towing it home. Gonna be a trip liking a tail wagging a dog. Break neck speeds may get all the way up as high as between 15 and 20 mph on back roads.
Anybody wants to help, wish Frieda a bountiful amount of Good Luck.
Back to basics…Was nice day all day. Morning frost so thick It looked like a measurable snow? A gallon of luke warm water was my windshields choice of refreshments. Skidsteer took two does to thaw both sides clear. Watered the cow, even got her own hay bale and bale cover. No more hauling hay from down the road. I can peal her one from my side the fence. Put more stuff away trying fine Greene’s floor. Didn’t do much good more than half the stuff I’ll need for this weekend’s gate post changes. I cut some more gate posts, hauled, and spotted. Hit back for financial help planning. Whew! The day was shinning brighter when I left there. Looks like plastic debt is under control. It’ll be even more so when I cu out Frieda’s beer and I take up drinking my home made red pop taking up dungeon space.
Reloaded truck with towing paraphernalia for tomorrows short trip retrievable truck trip. The goofy tow bar was in the next to the last place I was going to look. Whew, close call, without it I might have had to shanghais me a driver. Plan is to leave here before light. Hopefully be back by noon. Safety chains loaded as are assembly safety links. The universal SMV was the easiest of all to find as I’ve been putting it back in the same place for years. The Tow-bar, I couldn’t remember the last time I used it having no idea where I had put it to be handy. Having a mind working like a steel trap doesn’t hoit. What does I can’t remember where I had left my key (grin)

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