Sunday, November 28, 2010

Still weekend

Concerning I-net coffee percolators:
I'm ready for somethin on, hot, ready to pour.
Fire kept all nite our house was a chilly one to wake up late to.
Worse yet I can't believe it is still the weekend. Well at least that fact is still a good one for those weekend warriors who haven't yet filled the deer tags.
My warring? Dumpy's backed up to the deck with a load of wood on its back to be carried into the house.
While out re-supplying gasoline and medications I also stocked up on marshmallows for a different raccoon live trap catching bait.
Youngest daughter visited us yesterday upset with us because we weren't home turkey day. Yeah sure! We haven't heard from her in months and we're supposed to be here waiting for her, otherwise she's just as happy as if she were in her right blond mine. Kids? I can't ever remember what ever it was the reason I wanted kids? Oh well, they did fill a thirty year gap between the reasons why I married their mother.
(Hehehe), I did manage her handling the gates while I hayed the ladies evening last.
Middle daughter’s birthday today.
Otherwise, everything else around here is the same old, same old.
Taken my time moving this morning a relaxed with Herr Clink listening to her complain about advertising on the commercial movie channels. Tried as I may, there was my no convincing her just because they were on cable didn’t necessarily make all the movie offerings commercial free.
This morning’s chores now includes fresh hay silage at the feedings. After I had given the ladies their first fresh bale, I loaded the next six dry bales on a couple wagons for movement between farms, and lastly I brought another fresh bale up to the house for this evening’s Lady feeding.
This afternoon’s adventures took me to field for a highly unusual fall endeavor rolling up the electric fences. It wasn’t until I started taking up the second leg did I discover how easily the electric posts come up out of the earth. Supposed to be warm tomorrow, with a low of 41* with a high of 46*. I may just have everything picked up out back and cleared away by tomorrow‘s close.
The idea is my wanting all the ways clear of wire for felling trees and alike. The place is littered with dead ash and a few left over still standing dead elms, plus I don’t know why a couple chunks of oak coming down. I can cut wood all winter long for simple entertainment and fun of it. Aren‘t I lucky!
Here I was doing my thing when I’m celled, “You bringing me some hay?” in my mind, “What it this?” Only hours ago Tom was questioned as to why he was unloading the last hay bale of one of these wagon. Greene short on the Ugly’s traction if I were to move those wagons, even empty, it had to be done on frozen soil. Already loaded, I cut my fence winding (taking up) and put the truckster away. To truck the hay loads on down the road. Warm enough today my luckily finding a fair track this hay was delivered and parked in the yonder hay-yard.
Got to say it, the Truckster is running better every day, smooth, even, nicely sounding, including some very exciting new zip in the old machine‘s driveline. Need make a couple more small improvements and hopefully the engine will accept some more fine tuning.
Oh my, I find myself at a loss for words. Time to call it a night.

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Donna said...

Fern, I'm telling my kids and grandkids that if Cliff leaves me a widow, I'm going to move to Colorado so I won't know what any of them are doing; thus, I won't have to watch their stupidity. One granddaughter said, "You mean you'd LEAVE us?"
Indeed I would. I don't like to watch people self-destruct.