Monday, November 8, 2010

My Day such as it was

About first thing I did his AM I called Doc’s office for a tetanus shot. Can’t just get a shot. I’ve got to be seen. Examined poked and prodded. The whole ordeal my ripping my hand open on a extremely rusty stretch of barbed wire yesterday I had just let it bleed clear. Well as it was the sin flap flapped back into its snagged hole and was well scabbed over this morning. It might have taken a stitch yesterday only I don’t see any advantage in aggravating my hand again this morning for a sewing I didn’t/don’t think it needs upon this late next day hour. None the less I got dragged over to a sink for a good dousing hydrogen peroxide and band aided. Then me and my big mouth Frieda was called and an appointment made. I see my optometrist Wednesday, and Frieda see’s doctors Thursday and Friday. Looks like a medical week this week. When am I supposed to get anything done?
I finished up all the mechanical up to the barn. I back fill the trench tomorrow and that’s done. Still have those two garden gate posts to replace. I’d like to have them done this week during this four day dry spell while the yards are drier as in much less muddy.
Whatever else I did today I’ve forgotten as and old coot’s standard procedure.
Oh yeah, I happened to mention I may be selling the Greene pickup truck. Gosh, a body might think I had started WWIII. Herr Clink immediately went up in arms. Might say she’s on the warpath. Sheesh, such an emotional woman. Problem is I’ve got to many trucks. I get Ugly fixed including some quiet muffling, it’ll work for me better than this wimpy Greene pickup. I got to have a truck what’ll get the job done. Ugly’s a near unstoppable horse when it comes to pulling itself alone or with a wagon in tow through mud and snow. Besides I’ll feel better Greene’s worth be back in the bank. (hehehe) Money’s for other projects: Haulster, Dumpy truck, Quadracycle, of course while working in the Azzkicker’s finishing touches for next year. Speaking of the Azzkicker I should get busy and construct another one over the winter now that the first one’s working.
See: I haven’t forgotten every thing I’ve either been working on, wanting to get to, or aught to finish.

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